Doctor Sleep: a peaceful cinema nap

Having turned up to Doctor Sleep with no prior knowledge about what the plot was about, I gathered that I could only be positively surprised. As it happens, the movie turned out to be an almost sequel to The Shining – another film which I have also not seen. NGL, not the best idea.

To begin with, I didn’t actually understand anything that was going on or why, which suggests to me that watching a sequel to a film that I’ve never even glanced at in passing was not the best way to prepare myself for my first ever movie review. The plot started off on a very weird vibe, jumping straight into a child wetting his pants at fear of an old dead lady sat in his bath tub – before joining her. I feel like this was a reference that would have delighted others, but as I was quite literally in the dark, I can’t say that I quite got the point.

There were many different POVs in Doctor Sleep, focusing on the lives of several people which we never saw again – partly because (spoiler) several of them ended up devoured by the demon vampire people. The plot didn’t follow a typical archetype which was weird, especially as some of the characters had the potential to be awesome and fulfil the typical things you expect to come from a movie like this. Namely, there was a super cool character that would steal from and maim pedophiles, who was super pretty and epic and everything you could want from a heroine protagonist. Alas, the temptation of living forever made her willingly turn into one of the immortal bad guys and suddenly turn to shite as a character. IMO, a lost opportunity.

I don’t know if my sense of humour is completely off or not, but the bits that I found most funny were the ones that I’m pretty sure weren’t scripted to be comedic. One part that I remember specifically was where one of the characters solely advises another to “shine on.” Like, is this a James Blunt pilot or what?

I did like, however, the music in the movie. For some reason, the soundtrack is one of the best things about the whole film. Also, the architecture of the houses featured is super pretty, and the fact that it’s a circular story is mega satisfying. The actual concept of the storyline is intriguing, and the overall vibes of the whole movie are nice.

So, to conclude – the movie was wholly confusing and a lil’ weird at points, but it ended up being pretty enjoyable. If I’d been less of an absolute noob and researched the film before, then I probably (definitely) would not still be confused as to what the heck I actually saw. My opinion may just be jaded, and I probably watched one of the best movies of all time – but honestly, I fell asleep, so I couldn’t tell you.