The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part (review) – An Awesome Sequel?

Everything is still pretty awesome, just more so on its own terms.

I remember when the trailer to The Lego Movie came out. Near enough everyone thought it was going to be awful – myself included. I know I was a fan of actual Lego (and I still unashamedly am), but it’s Hollywood. It was obviously going to be the most cynical, commercial, corporate film. It didn’t have a hope in heck. So, when February 2014 came around, it was a pretty good feeling to have been so wrong. And the rest of the world seemed to agree!

I mean, there was actual outrage when a movie about Lego didn’t get nominated for Best Animated Feature at the Oscars. A movie about Lego. Now here we are, 5 years and 2 separate spin-offs later, and The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part has finally reached Aberystwyth. And it’s pretty good! The title is a bit of a mouthful though.

The story picks up 5 years after the start of the ‘Duplo War’ that ended the first film. Bricksburg has now become a Mad-Max style post-apocalyptic town, and its citizens have been forced to ‘grow up’. All except Emmet, our loveable little protagonist from the first movie, who is just as happy-go-lucky as ever. However, things escalate when Lucy (Wyldstyle), Batman and basically the entire secondary cast from the first film get captured and taken to ‘the Systar System’. And I think that’s really all you need.

If you know the first one you can basically see where it’s generally going. However, also much like the first film, there are a fair few twists and turns, some that even I didn’t see coming. So, knowing as little as possible going in is probably the best way to go.

Here’s the thing, The Lego Movie 2 is a really solid flick. It’s got a lot of heart, it’s great fun, and I can honestly say that I had a blast throughout. The biggest takeaway you should have from this review is that the movie is a LOT of fun.

The cast are an excellent bunch; the returning actors are just as brilliant as they were in the first film, and the newcomers keep the high-standard going. Perhaps, most importantly, it’s really really obvious that they are having a lot of fun in their respective roles. One can only wish to be a fly on the wall for those recording sessions.

Also, Richard Ayoade plays a talking Ice-Cream Cone. That is all.

However, it’s not unfair to say that this one is ever so slightly geared more for a younger audience. Now, that’s not a bad thing, and it’s just a side-effect of the film’s thematic backbone. The first one had a father-son connection tying the story together, and here it’s a brother-sister one. And you can tell. It’s not a problem, and if anything makes this an especially great movie for kids.

But it’s just slightly harder to pitch as a family film, and it probably explains why the box-office for this one has dropped drastically from the first.  But that would be an article for another time.

This is not a fault of the film, but I have a feeling that the whole Lego movie franchise may have already overstayed its welcome. 5 years may be a big gap between sequels, but we were not exactly starved of Lego movies.

And I will make this absolutely clear, I did quite like The Lego Batman Movie and I thought The Lego Ninjago Movie wasn’t bad at all. But the spin-offs should have come after the main sequel, not before. I think the knock-on effect is that there’s something here that feels… tired? Something that would not have been here had been movie come out 2-3 years after the original, rather than 5. And without the spin-offs bogging the feel down. It’s a minor thing, but it is bothering me the more I think about it. Maybe I should stop thinking about it.

Because at the end of the day, it’s a really good film. Not quite The Lego Movie, but then again, what is?

So, on its own terms, it’s really dang good.

Is everything still awesome?

Why yes, yes it is.

(Side-warning: There is a song in this film that you are never going to forget…. ever……..)


The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part is playing at the Commodore Cinema until 28th February, every day at 19:30.