‘Backyard BBQ’ Are The Best – Here’s Why

Backyard BBQ is a staple in the multitude of Aberystwyth eateries; everyone knows about it, almost everyone has eaten there, but surprisingly not many people know they do takeaway – which in my opinion is blasphemous as their food is phenomenal. I recently went with my friend Matt, and decided to review it, because we, quite frankly, adore it. For the sake of transparency, we paid in full for our food, and we’d happily pay triple the amount they charge, simply because we love it so much

The reception you receive upon walking in sets the tone for your entire meal – warm, friendly and obviously something that everyone there loves. Seating is upstairs – I always prefer upstairs seating as it’s almost always warmer and less drafty. We had the pick of tables since we were the first there which is always lovely, and immediately noted how well the place was decorated. Inside, it looks much like you’d imagine a smoke house restaurant would do – full of wood and metal, distressed artwork and even antlers. Once sat, we quickly set upon deciding what we wanted to devour, and it came within 15 minutes maximum. It is worth noting that at that point we were the only people there, so expect to perhaps wait a little longer than that if you go and it’s busier.



Between us, we tried a few of the things that the menu had to offer – I went with the beef brisket, BBQ beans and seasoned fries on the side and homemade coleslaw, whereas Matt went with the Back Yard Mega Shed Burger, which is four burgers, pulled pork, bacon, cheese, mushroom, pineapple, lettuce, burger sauce and their made-in-house BBQ sauce, which comes with fries and coleslaw (kudos to him for finishing it all). I wasn’t sure what sauce to get and the owner, Matthew Lloyd was happy to list all their sauces (an impressive feat considering the extensive choices you have there) and recommended the spicy Asian sauce which was honestly perhaps my favourite thing about the meal. Matt perhaps personifies what I love about Backyard – it more than keeps up with, and surpasses most places in Aber in terms of quality of food, but it feels like eating at home. All the staff – including Matt – are welcoming and genuine. No interaction feels forced or rushed.


Back to the food – everything was incredible. My brisket was tender and juicy, the sauce was the lovechild of sweet and sour and soy, with the perfect amount of spice, the fries were seasoned well and crisp and the BBQ beans are amazing. Matt’s burger was insanely huge – hearing about it on a menu really doesn’t compare. As I’m not a huge coleslaw fan, I asked Matt’s opinion and he said it was fresh and creamy and you could definitely taste it was made in-house. We did stay for dessert as to not would’ve be rude. While they don’t make their desserts from scratch, the quality is still there – we both had the Belgian waffles, which were just as you’d expect really.

Now for the bit that no one likes talking about when they eat out – the price. We both paid (rounded up and down as is appropriate) roughly £20 for a main, a dessert and a drink which I think is a great price. Our server took the time to explain that all the meats are smoked between 12-48 hours in the smokers at the back of the restaurant, and you can absolutely distinguish it from other meats that are just cooked. Smoking the meats for such a long time really adds a new dimension to the flavour and the tenderness of the meat that honestly has my mouth watering as I’m writing this only a few hours later. In addition to the meat you get, you are served sides (for smoked meat mains, it’s a sauce for your meat, BBQ beans and coleslaw, I paid extra for the fries) and the portions of all of the above are generous. As in, huge. Even the beans are large portions. As the saying goes, you really do pay for what you get – though I think you definitely get more for your money! Additionally, it’s worth knowing that they do have a kind of ‘secret’ menu – they do serve steaks, but (from what I understand which may be wrong) they have to be ordered specifically so the meat can be ordered to cook.

    It’s quite clear by now that my opinion on Backyard BBQ is very high. I love the atmosphere, the food, and the people who work there. It has a very genuine vibe, and I honestly can’t recommend it enough! The only criticisms I have is how dare they make me want to eat there every day which would result in be being the size of a literal house, and that they should be on Deliveroo to make them more accessible! Don’t forget guys, they do actually do takeaway, and even though this review is based on a sit-down meal, I do often get it to takeaway and its just as amazing! As the sign on the wall says, it is indeed the best BBQ in town, 10/10.