What Meme is Your Accommodation?

By now you will have moved into your accommodation. If you’re lucky, you got your first choice, your flatmates are sound and you don’t have any major issues with the room itself. If not, bad luck. Here are some memes that both praise and mock Aber’s accommodation and the people whose choice it is to live there.



Cwrt Mawr

As a previous Cwrt Mawr-ee, I can tell you that this meme embodies everything that is Cwrt Mawr. Completely unreasonable and unapologetically bizarre, yet still managing to be funny and relatable somehow. Can typically be found in Downeys or Harleys drinking cheap vodka that has previously blinded someone and slamming quid shots through their eyeballs, or something as equally dangerous/ridiculous/glorious.



Cwrt Mawr – Block F

Many a bad decision is made in Block F, though I doubt anyone – resident or not – could ever tell you why. Whether it be the alcohol consumed by the gallon, being unable to avoid acting on impulse, or the fact that fate generally sorts all the crazies into one place, Block F has to be the meme we all know and love.





This meme illustrates the class of those who live in Rosser. Affectionately known on campus as ‘Rosser Tossers’, they’re quick to remind you that they have en-suite, and never fail to do so condescendingly. Just make sure to remind them that their room is the size of your wardrobe.




I’m not sure what exactly a Trefloyne is. In all honesty, I cannot tell you I’ve ever (knowingly and with confidence) looked at Trefloyne and thought ‘that’s Trefloyne’, and so in all its mystery its only right that ‘new phone who dis’ takes the spot.



Pentre Jane Morgan, or PJM if you’re streetwise, houses the purest of the pure. People living there tend to be homebodies, and in my experience super chill individuals who are there for you whenever you need them. The only appropriate meme has to be the good boy memes that warm our otherwise lifeless student hearts.




Seafront is arguably the most hipster residence in all of Aberystwyth. It’s where the creatives tend to flock with their avocados and their Venezuelan hand-picked, gluten-free, Fair Trade coffee and a book you’ve never heard of, though they’ll correct you that it’s a novel and roll their eyes as they light a badly hand rolled cigarette, looking out onto the sea and wondering why they weren’t born in 1970s Paris.



Seafront En-Suite

As we have previously established, Seafront is rife with connoisseurs of the edgier things in life. However, those with en-suite in their creative palace tend to be more transparent than their shared bathroom brethren and so I present to you the hipster meme. A little on the nose admittedly, but if you have your own shower you can afford to be less subtle about your preference for organic Japanese green tea – or matcha as they will correct you.



Fferm Penglais

Ah Fferm. The place most only wish we could afford. This is why the Theresa May meme is so appropriate as it illustrate the dream, the simple, wheat-y dream that residents of Penglais Farm are living whilst also somehow affording their Fiat 500, shopping in Morrisons and Instagraming Boomerangs of cocktails at The Libertine with the girls, though they’ll insist that they’re skint.



Fferm Studios

While Fferm is posh, their studio equivalent is beyond that. It is the 1%, the elite members of our society, the CEOs and Medical Specialists to be. And if they ask nicely, father will give them a small loan of a million dollars to help fund their start up.




Often confused and unsure of the world, people from Penbryn tend to have the best intentions. They mean well, but all their catered meals and prison-like setup can be very disorientating. They’re good people, but don’t make sudden movements near them.




Veterans of living in halls, those living in privately rented houses have seen it all. What better than a good old ‘back in my day’ meme to emphasise their age and the threat of graduation coming to drag them back to the real world?


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