This is A Public Service Announcement on Behalf of the Aberystwyth Student Media Society

Welcome one and all to academic year 2017/2018. We made it!

Firstly, congratulations to all of this year’s incoming Freshers! You’ve spent the last seven or eight months pouring over application forms, prospectuses, brochures, and all manner of promotional expenditure. You’ve fought through the open days. You’ve spent at least six days on the phone to Student Finance. That was after having to answer riddles about yourself for UCAS, including that personal statement. Then you dug in deep in preparation for the exams. Since late June, you’ve been sat on your hands waiting for that golden envelope (it’s closer to beige I know, but stick with me). But now you’re here, so take a moment to pat yourself on the back. Starting Uni is a big deal, and you should be proud of yourselves!

Turning to our returning students, hello again to all in the second and third years, and post-grads: glad to see you came back for more. The summer away feels like an age, but we survived and now can finally return to our natural state: sat blinking at our course tutors as they deliver one of those lectures where you spend half of it out of your body. The ones on Thursdays which bend and twist time-space.


For those unfamiliar with ASMS, and myself, I’d like to introduce both. I’m Michael Jones, this year’s Courier Editor and Aberystwyth Student Media Society (ASMS) Committee member. I’m a now second year Creative Writing student, and staying in Rosser residence. Myself and my five fellow members of this year’s ASMS Committee are here to deliver the best media society we can. As I mentioned, I edit the student newspaper, the Courier (both online and off), but I am by no means the creative or administrative brains behind ASMS. Harley Dalton is our Chairman, and leads the Committee. He’s the Commander-in-Chief, or so to speak, and can be contacted at [email protected] Morgan Lee is our Radio Manager, so oversees Bay Radio and their excellent content (which you can hear throughout the day in the Students’ Union). Chloe Nicholson is our Secretary, helping to keep tabs on the creative and administrative elements of our operation. Nick Morgan is our Social Secretary, and is the public – and grinning – face of our Society. He organises our socials and events, and will be around and about keeping morale high. Finally, Paige Briscoe is our Treasurer, so has the unenviable job of monitoring our finances, balancing our budgets and keeping our accounts: we told her it would be lots of fun.


Final thought. If you think you might want to get involved with ASMS, either at the Courier or with our radio output, then you absolutely should! We really want to expand and consolidate the Society this year, so new members are welcome. You should also come and say hi at one of our socials (often with the ECWS) or events. We on the Committee want the Courier to be open to the student body, so comments/queries/questions are welcome. If the Freshers’ Fayre was anything to go by, I’d need lots more time and space to give everyone a shout-out. But a quick thanks to everybody who turned up and showed interest, we’re really excited with the numbers we’re seeing and hoping that everyone wants to and gets involved.

And lastly, we’d all like you wish you best of luck for the coming year! Have a good one!


Stall at the Freshers’ Fayre. Left-to-right: Mikey Jones, Morgan Lee, Harley Dalton and Nick Morgan.

Photography: Mayoorhan Sevverlz