AberSU AGM Live Blog – 5th December

JOIN us for our live blog of the Aberystwyth Student Union AGM.

The event is starting at 6pm on Monday 5th December in the Main Room of the Union.

You can find the details of the meeting including the agenda here.

Kieran Dunbar December 5, 20166:03 pm

Welcome to our live blog for the AberSU AGM happening in the Main Room of the Union.

We’ll be covering each item discussed in the meeting including the results for each of the ideas we’ll be voting on.
Sean Anderson December 5, 20166:11 pm

Free pizza = happysean

Kieran Dunbar December 5, 20166:18 pm

Very good turnout tonight, the room is virtually full and there’s still a large queue to get in the door!

Sean Anderson December 5, 20166:21 pm

Due to start in 9 minutes, massive queue at the door I don’t know whether this will delay things.

Zoe Rowson December 5, 20166:23 pm

Sean is wearing a fantastic festive jumper to live blog in elfie

Sean Anderson December 5, 20166:25 pm

And the team news is in…….

Oh wait this isn’t Sky Sports.
Sean Anderson December 5, 20166:26 pm

Legal Capacity of the room is being discussed and everything I haven’t seen the SU this busy since Halloween 2013…

Kieran Dunbar December 5, 20166:26 pm

Additional chairs are now being brought in to help seat the large numbers of people.

Sean Anderson December 5, 20166:32 pm

We should be starting in the next 5 to 10 minutes.

Zoe Rowson December 5, 20166:38 pm

Don’t forget to pick up a voting card

Sean Anderson December 5, 20166:39 pm

People are running around…

Sean Anderson December 5, 20166:41 pm

Here’s rules on Voting Cards: 2 Voting cards per society, also part time officers and academic reps are entitled to them.

Kieran Dunbar December 5, 20166:43 pm

The AGM will be starting in the next two minutes.

Sean Anderson December 5, 20166:45 pm

lovesus loveabersu are the official hashtags for this evening.

Sean Anderson December 5, 20166:46 pm

We was told it would start in 2 minutes time, 3 minutes ago…

Sean Anderson December 5, 20166:48 pm

Ross (Chairman) is kicking things off explaining it’s great to see so many people here.

Zoe Rowson December 5, 20166:49 pm

If you want to see what we’re talking about tonight the agenda can be found on the Aberystwyth Student Union website.


Sean Anderson December 5, 20166:49 pm

There could be votes to get people evicted if people are nasty, this is like Big Brother.

Sean Anderson December 5, 20166:50 pm

Lauren (President) is talking now. The trustee report is up first on her list of things to discuss.

Sean Anderson December 5, 20166:51 pm

Lauren is chair person of the trustee board by default as she is President.

Sean Anderson December 5, 20166:53 pm

Lauren is explaining that last year the Union lost a lot of money and this led to a lot of important decisions being explained such as the University taking over the finance of the bar and shop.

Sean Anderson December 5, 20166:54 pm

Everybody applauded that section from Lauren and I nearly spilt my drink.

Zoe Rowson December 5, 20166:56 pm

Lauren is taking questions and feed back about the unions accounts, you can ask questions via the student union website

Kieran Dunbar December 5, 20166:57 pm

Lauren explains that the Union is currently affiliated to the NUS (including NUS Wales), BUCS, NASMA, Advice UK and ACEVO.

Sean Anderson December 5, 20166:57 pm

Lauren has given people an opportunity to ask questions about trustee’s in relation to accounts, no questions are asked.

Sean Anderson December 5, 20166:59 pm

Everybody agrees that Lauren said everything appropriate and correct therefore it is passed, well apart from 2 people who are clearly after attention.

Kieran Dunbar December 5, 20166:59 pm

There has been an emergency idea submitted regarding the University’s network ban on Yik Yak.

Sean Anderson December 5, 20167:01 pm

This could cause controversy stand by….

Zoe Rowson December 5, 20167:09 pm

Emergency Idea- The Yik Yak Ban – Should it be banned?

University has currently banned Yik Yak on the university internet due to aspects of bullying.

Should this ban be a more symbolic ban as there are other ways round to the app and cyber bullying is already everywhere.We shouldn’t let the minority spoil it for the majority. Ask the university to relief the ban of using Yik Yak. Points said by proposer Ieuan Joy.

Sean Anderson December 5, 20167:09 pm

For any of those interested JANET (Joint Academic Network Policy) states 10. ‘Creation or transmission of material with the intent to cause annoyance, inconvenience or needless anxiety.’ That is obviously up for interpretation and is not clear if this covers YikYak.

The initial motion of YikYak Back was amended by Lauren (and agreed to state) ‘The Students Union should request the university to reverse the temporary block on YikYak due to student democratic activity.’
Sean Anderson December 5, 20167:10 pm

For any of those interested JANET (Joint Academic Network Policy) states “10. ‘Creation or transmission of material with the intent to cause annoyance, inconvenience or needless anxiety.'” That is obviously up for interpretation and is not clear if this covers YikYak

Sean Anderson December 5, 20167:12 pm

I went to clap at the wrong point…

Zoe Rowson December 5, 20167:14 pm

Emergency Idea- The Yik Yak Ban – Should it be banned?

Left university because of being a victim of cyber bullying over Yik Yak. Lead to bullying into person life. Effected a society in a bad way due to rumours of drug and sexual abuse made over Yik Yak. Yik Yak has made 5 students face arrest, and a court order, Yik Yak needs to be suspended. – Comments made by opposer Pasi Chi

Sean Anderson December 5, 20167:20 pm

Alex Hubbard says that the motion should fail as he pleads that the university has a duty to stop student bullying.

Zoe Rowson December 5, 20167:21 pm

The debate will start in 2 mins

Sean Anderson December 5, 20167:22 pm

Lauren has bought me a pint, I like our president! (Please note that this was not in a bribery way, but in a standard round procedure.)

Sean Anderson December 5, 20167:25 pm

Naomi Cutler speaks and reads the current statement about why Aberystwyth Students Union supports the block of YikYak: 1)SU does not support bullying or hate crime. 2)The ban does not block freedom of speech as it only on Eduroam. 3)YikYak breaches JANET (Joint Academic Network Policy.)

Sean Anderson December 5, 20167:35 pm

I have just got up an asked a question to the proposer of the motion however it turns out its a statement. ‘IP addresses can be spoofed’ I may have fell over on my walk up to the centre stage to which I received a round of applause.

Sean Anderson December 5, 20167:36 pm

Counts for the motion of YikYak back are being counted, this is going to be close.

Sean Anderson December 5, 20167:39 pm

There has had to be a recount… my arm hurts!

Zoe Rowson December 5, 20167:43 pm

It has been voted that the temporary Yik Yak ban should be repealed

Sean Anderson December 5, 20167:44 pm

Please note it has only been voted that the Students Union will inform the University that they want the temporary ban lifted. The university can still keep the ban in place.

Sean Anderson December 5, 20167:52 pm

Emergency motion; debate between Sean, Kieran and Lauren (President of SU) what would you refer to a forward roll as: a gambol or a roly-poly?

Zoe Rowson December 5, 20167:55 pm

IDEA 1- Aberystwyth Student Union should encourage Aberystwyth University to divest from fossil fuels.

Zoe Rowson December 5, 20167:57 pm

“92% said we should divest in fossil fuels taken from a survey around the university.”- Iolo Kars Jones

Zoe Rowson December 5, 20167:58 pm

No opposer or amendments

Zoe Rowson December 5, 20168:01 pm

Motion has been passed

Zoe Rowson December 5, 20168:05 pm

IDEA 2- Encourage the University to use renewable energy, such as solar energy.

Sean Anderson December 5, 20168:06 pm

We are now discussing the motion of ‘The use of of energy union/university uses’, there is an amendment of an amendment, so basically the final thing reads ‘To encourage the university to use solar panels as the main source of energy….’

Sean Anderson December 5, 20168:08 pm

Someone is actually proposing an amendment to the amendment of the amendment, I am not joking… she needs to hurry up and raise her point though.

Sean Anderson December 5, 20168:13 pm

“I’m not being a d**k” Lauren Marks

Kieran Dunbar December 5, 20168:18 pm

IDEA 3 – Aberystwyth Student Union should encourage the University to become a fair pay campus.

Kieran Dunbar December 5, 20168:19 pm

A motion was passed to move discussion of IDEA 2 to the end of the meeting, when the 3rd amendment to the motion has been more clearly defined.

Kieran Dunbar December 5, 20168:20 pm

As a result of the motion to delay the vote on IDEA 2, we’re still only a quarter of the way through the Council Ideas.

Kieran Dunbar December 5, 20168:23 pm

No amendments or opposition arguments have been made for IDEA 3.

Kieran Dunbar December 5, 20168:28 pm

The motion for IDEA 3 has been passed, almost unanimously.

Sean Anderson December 5, 20168:30 pm

IDEA 4 is ‘Sexual Harassment Policy’ amendments.

Sean Anderson December 5, 20168:33 pm

There is an attempt to amend the motion however it is amending the policy rather than the motion.

Sean Anderson December 5, 20168:35 pm

We are currently contemplating the motion amongst ourselves.

Sean Anderson December 5, 20168:35 pm

Lauren is now giving a summary of the motion.

Sean Anderson December 5, 20168:35 pm

The motion passes.

Sean Anderson December 5, 20168:44 pm

We are discussing idea 5: ‘A mentoring system, in which students in which students of any year could be assigned a peer-mentor.’

Sean Anderson December 5, 20168:44 pm

Idea 5 passes.

Sean Anderson December 5, 20168:45 pm

Lauren is proposing IDEA 6 : ‘Simplifying our Council Meetings Policy’

Sean Anderson December 5, 20168:46 pm

Issues including clarification of roles, simplifying order of business (from 20 to 9 items.), including removing of proposition of amendments in amendments (I wish that in place today.)

Zoe Rowson December 5, 20168:48 pm

IDEA 7- Update our elections bye-laws

Sean Anderson December 5, 20168:48 pm

Lauren is currently discussing the IDEA.

Sean Anderson December 5, 20168:49 pm

The IDEA includes a new complaints and appeals concept.

Sean Anderson December 5, 20168:49 pm

I’m currently sharing top bantz with Ryan.

Zoe Rowson December 5, 20168:49 pm

The motion passes

Sean Anderson December 5, 20168:53 pm

We are back with IDEA 2 aka the amendment of the amendment of the amendment. Does anybody have a clue what is going on I’m unsure..

Sean Anderson December 5, 20168:54 pm

Another amendment I am not even joking…

Sean Anderson December 5, 20168:55 pm

It’s kicking off….

Sean Anderson December 5, 20168:57 pm

An amendment has been passed. Consequently the document is being amended to show the amendment.

Sean Anderson December 5, 20168:59 pm

The amended proposition has passed.

Zoe Rowson December 5, 20169:00 pm

Lauren is saying her officer report of what she has currently achieved this year as president

Sean Anderson December 5, 20169:06 pm

Summary of points Lauren has given so far: Stefan’s honorary degree, launch of stefansocks (including over £1200 raised for MIND Aberystwyth), future plans including stefansocks webpage message in a bauble campaign. Will post the full list at a later date once Lauren has given to us. Lauren ends with if you have ‘anything to say about me tweet me, don’t post it on YikYak’

Sean Anderson December 5, 20169:07 pm

As the UMCA President and Welsh Affairs Officer can’t attend Lauren is reading out the report in relation to the UMCA President and Welsh Affair’s Officer.

Sean Anderson December 5, 20169:10 pm

Ryan Myles is speaking about what he has done as Education Officer.

Sean Anderson December 5, 20169:15 pm

These points include: Academic Representatives, Institution Representatives including shiny new training for reps, more frequent rep catch ups. Ryan wants to make ‘volunteering sexy’ by that he wants to make students feel they are of good by representing. Discussing of helping students with there HEAR report. Change to special circumstances, Ryan aims to make the service easier to access. Ryan is discussing changing library fines in that you shouldn’t always necessary be changed. Short term book fines have been changed from 50p to 20p. One of the campaign being run right now is ‘All I want for Christmas’, which is what students feel could improve.

Zoe Rowson December 5, 20169:18 pm

Niomi Cutler- Welfare officer report

Ran a mental well being week, distress ideas – message in a bauble ask to write a positive message in a bauble to hang on a Christmas tree with a small donation from people going to MIND charity. After Christmas the positive baubles to people who feel stressed or down. Arranged a health board visit.

Zoe Rowson December 5, 20169:22 pm

Jasmine Cross- Activities officer report

Set up a working group with the university, focus groups involving students. Formed more society groups to get improve communications between each other. Working of the accreditation system and grant scheme to help improve societies. Maintain better facilities, made room for societies to have storage. Lecturers should be recording and uploading slides now. Campaigned for ‘this girl can’ get sports, societies and all genders to start blogging.