New Single Releases of the Week

DNCE – Body Moves

The first single from their upcoming eponymous album after their acclaimed EP Swaay last year, Body Moves keeps the same uplifting, guitar driven formula. Led by Joe Jonas – of Jonas Brothers fame – the quartet bring the same poppy sound we are used to, but with a hint of something unique, be it the use of horns with the guitar riff, or slight funk styling. Though not as instantly infectious as the EP, it is an adequate first song which makes the anticipation for the rest of the album (out Nov 18) just.


OneRepublic – A.I.

The most interesting song to come from OneRepublic this year, A.I. is the fourth song released from their album Oh My My out next week. The band have been focusing progressively more on an electric sound – which Ryan Tedder is clear he wants to fuse with a live setting to “make sure that you could actually hear the human beings and the actual instruments” in the songs – A.I. takes this to probably their most extreme yet. Written and performed in collaboration with Peter Gabriel, A.I. starts off fast paced before a sudden shift brings the song to a close in a melancholy, indefinite way. Whilst still sounding like a OneRepublic track, it gives a more broad idea of what the album could contain.


Norah Jones – Tragedy

After the change of sound in her last album Little Broken Hearts released over four years ago, Norah Jones is back doing what she does best with Tragedy. An easy listening piano ballad, Jones’ iconic voice drifts over making any lyrics sound dream-like. Added with a mellow piano solo, this is a track for anyone who liked Jones’ early songs. This is the third single off of her sixth studio album Day Breaks which is out next week.


Niall Horan – This Town

A surprise release from the previous One Direction member, This Town is a guitar driven ballad about finding love in a small town. Sounding more like an Ed Sheeran imitation than anything released as One Direction, the song gets quite repetitive quite quickly. However, as the only 1D album who played an instrument, this song proves well for a first solo release. According to Horan he is currently writing for an album which will be out next year. It will be interesting to see what comes of the rest of the album after This Town; an alright, but forgettable song which will definitely be over-played in the coming weeks.