Behind The Scenes With The Extingiusher Report

12234961_914868661924486_4272160502068059253_nAFTER much anticipation a new show has debuted on Bay TV. The Extinguisher Report is a new satirical news show set to be released monthly on Bay TV. Auditions were held in October, and after some very tough decisions the various roles were cast. Hosting the show is Kieran Davies, a third year mathematics student and Nomadic Players veteran; who is more than a little excited to be presenting:“I am absolutely honoured and insanely shocked to be trusted with the role of host, but I’ve been really excited to get behind the desk especially after our first production meeting! The first show is going to be setting the bar high for future episodes and will really show of all the talents of everyone involved!”Alongside him there are a variety of co-hosts and correspondents, all of whom local talents from the Aberystwyth theatrical and performance scene including members of Exploding Fish, The Nomadic Players and Broad-Ways to create a truly diverse and hilarious cast.

12241358_914868755257810_2952549007853583929_nThis show is being spearheaded and produced by our Features Editor, Nick Saunders, who said “Every stage of developing The Extinguisher Report I’ve got more excited, from first talking about the show concept and pitching it to Bay TV, to auditions, to then talking to the cast and writers about content for our début episode and realising what a talented bunch we were about to let loose. Filming the first episode was thrilling, a little hectic, and gratifying to see us come to actually creating it.”

12247129_10208076480973170_7468048264029237121_n11218777_10208076481813191_5675783057474217776_nFilming took place early in November with the cast and crew gathering in the RGJ Studio of the Parry-Williams building. As the cast took their places and began rehearsing their lines, the show really came to life, all the jokes and one-liners we had come up with and laughed at during the production meetings were now being recorded ready for everyone to see. The characters we had created to bring spice and variety to the show grew before our eyes and showed us that all our hard work would soon pay off.

12227845_10208076483533234_6079073707704658484_nThe debut episode was released on the 19th of November and is available for all to see on Bay TV’s website or on its YouTube channel. Episode 2 was filmed December 9th for the Christmas season.

I would just like to end by saying thank you to everyone who got involved with the production, the cast who brought us the laughs and the crew who documented it for all to see. And I look forward for the next episode!

Kieran Davies, host of The Extinguisher Report, has yet to get to grips with all the technology on set

Kieran Davies, host of The Extinguisher Report, has yet to get to grips with all the technology on set