5 apps you will need at university

Credit: Jason Howie

Credit: Jason Howie

AS YOU ARRIVE at university this year, there are certain things that you know you’ll need, but something that you may not have considered is those apps for your smartphone that will make your university experience that much easier. What follows are five apps that are available for both iPhone and android phones, and are definitely worth you checking out.

1. Doodle

If you haven’t already, you’ll soon hear about the doodle poll. It’s useful for any occasion from setting up that next society or club committee meeting or finding out when your flatmates are next free to go to the cinema. Doodle is the app that just makes it so much easier by allowing each person invited to give the times they are free and notifying the host of which days and times suit best.

2. Blackboard

You may not realise it, but there is indeed a Blackboard app. For those not in the know yet, Blackboard is the students personalised database for their modules and course info, including lectures, assignment details and much more. With having this app, everything is that much easier to access and get hold of in an instant.

3. Skype

This might be an obvious one, but I’ve put it in here as it’s an invaluable communication tool with its standout video capabilities, particularly for international students. Skype is free, which can cut down on the phone bills and allow you to actually see your loved one. All you need for this is a stable internet connection and you’re away.

4. Spendometer

An app which I recently discovered was Spendometer, and it allows you to create your own budget easily and effectively. The app allows you to set a budget either daily, weekly or monthly and you can divide the budget into different sections so you know what you’ll need for what and how much you’ll have for student nights. It’s a great tool for anyone who wants to have an easy way to handle their finances and budget accordingly.

5. Alarmy: Sleep If You Can

Finally, the biggest bane on students life is getting up for the 9am lecture and not sleeping through the umpteen alarms you set on your phone. Alarmy is different in that it allows you to set alarms but when it goes off, it makes you do a task to get it to stop. These tasks can be something like take a photo or shaking the phone a repeatedly for a while. It’s a good tool and can wake you up more than just the normal swipe switch off we are used to.