Varsity 2015: Aber Wins the First Societies Varsity


Photo – Cameron Smyth

FOR THE FIRST time ever, Varsity Societies between Aberystwyth and Bangor was held. The Sunday after Sports Varsity in Bangor, 3 events; Video Gaming, Poker, and Chess, were held at Aberystwyth Students’ Union. Aberystwyth Community of Gamers took over the Main Room to face BUGL (Bangor University Gaming League). The video games were Counter Strike Global Offensive, Halo, Super Smash Brothers, Blur, League of Legends, Lethal League and Hearthstone. Cai Jones, ACOG President, said: “Today’s gone very well, we’ve had a few issues setting up but everything seems to have run smoothly so far”. After being asked about Societies Varsity on the whole Jones noted: “Having it on the two separate days does give us more time to set up the big event whereas sometimes we’re mashed together with sports”. BUGL claimed the overall victory 4-3, Lethal league the deciding video game.

In the Chess, held at the Students’ Union’s Picture House, Aberystwyth came away with the win, 3 fixtures to 2. Joe Clarke, the President of Bangor University Chess Club was happy with the day’s events despite the loss: “Well actually, we finished 3-2 to Aberystwyth and it’s definitely an improvement”. They brought 5 players down from the North and Clarke would like to see Chess featured in the Sport Varsity. Jamie Friel from Aberystwyth Chess Club said that he couldn’t handle the nerves of the final fixture as Aber went on to win. Poker was also claimed by the home side after an afternoon in the Cwtch.

Varsity Battle of the Bands was claimed by Pretty Visitors late Sunday night. When asked by Christopher-Cameron McNaught how Lewis from Pretty Visitors felt after winning he said “Good, surprised, really surprised”. He noted that the majority of the crowd probably hadn’t heard his band play in the past and he described this year so far as “active, good musically, we’ve been writing a lot of stuff”. An EP by Pretty Visitors is on the cards in the future.

Activities Officer Harriet O’Shea said: “Society Varsity had such a great atmosphere, it was a great day for all involved, competitors and spectators alike – it was close but the best teams definitely won”.

It’s a step in the right direction, without confirmation on what the future holds for Societies Varsity. with Sports Varsity being held in Bangor once again next year.