Varsity 2015 Match Report: Men’s 2nd and Women’s 1st Badminton

TENSIONS ran high for both sides throughout the day’s first badminton matches, as the rivalry between Aberystwyth and Bangor ran rampant.


Photo – Rebecca James

With Double and Single rotations for both teams being played at the same time, watching all of the players at once was truly a sight to behold. The doubles teams from both universities worked hard and played well, reading each other’s moves and those of their opposition effectively and quickly.

Team Aber may have looked amazing in their matching kit, but it seems that the majority were still no match for Bangor’s superior play, with the scores at the halfway point two-all for the Women’s teams, and Bangor’s 2nd Men’s team beating Aber’s four-nil.

Some of the players from Aber’s Women’s team were quoted as saying they were “Having great fun” and “Didn’t come with too many expectations”, but mentioned that one player, who had never played for Aber in a competition before, had played the best that the team had ever seen her play.


Photo – Rebecca James

One of Aber’s Men’s players said “We’re still optimistic, we’re still fighting”, while waiting for his next chance on the court. Unfortunately, the second half of the matches didn’t go in Aber’s favour either, with an end score of five-three to Bangor for the Women’s matches, and eight-nil to Bangor for the Men’s 2nd team matches.