Varsity 2015 Match Report: No criticisms of AberLax Women’s from Woodbine


Photo – Alex Tanton

WOMEN’S Lacrosse were unfortunately defeated 11-5 to Bangor. In the first quarter Bangor were strong on the attack, scoring three goals in the space of 15 minutes. This only motivated Aberystwyth and in the second quarter they strengthened their defence and matched their aggression with Bangor’s. Overall, the Women’s Lacrosse captain, Katie Woodbine, was happy with the team’s performance:

“Going into the game we were confident but a bit apprehensive because we don’t play in the same league as Bangor and we don’t see them all year, they play north and we play south so it was difficult to judge the game going in. We’re always confident though, we like to come into Varsity with a smile on our face. We were a brand new team this year. Half our team is freshers, we weren’t too organised this year but I am confident for our fixtures in the future. I think we competed really well today.We played really well and I don’t have any criticisms. They played us on the floor in parts so they had the advantages but we weren’t too far behind them so I’m really impressed with everyone. I’d say our weaknesses lie in our attack. We’re heavily weighted in attack, people who played in defence before had never played that position in their lives, so next year they will need to work on attack and defence being even. Strength wise, at the start of the year no one could catch at all, and we have got so much better at that!”