May Ball is no longer, it went and got a makeover

150209_ASU_Summer_TeaserDEADLINES, dissertations, and awful weather galore. The student population of Aberystwyth has had it hard for the past few months, but alas there is light at the end of the long, long tunnel. Whether you’re a third year, fresher or postgrad you know (or at least you should) that May Ball is the time of year, after the stress of exam period is a distant memory, where we can all relax, listen to great music and let our hair down. Yes, even the boys – we’ve seen those top knots.

Well, May Ball doesn’t exist anymore!

Don’t panic. It’s just had a name change. Aber, say hello to Summer Ball.

May 8th dust off your Sunday best, our very own SU – in collaboration with the Arts Centre – is bringing you some wild attractions. Live music spread across three stages, fairground ride (they’re FREE), an indoor beach, a casino, and multiple bars and food stalls. What more could you want?

Full line-up details will be announced on Monday 16th March.

Summer Ball ‘super early bird’ tickets went online on the 2nd of March (7pm) at the reduced price of £30 each – but 75 lucky students already snapped those up. Keep posted on the next release date for Early Bird Tickets on ASM and the Union website.