Five alternative ideas of how to spend Valentine’s Day

VALENTINE’S Day is fast approaching, and for many there is lots of pressure to not muck up the day with your loved one. The day is really about being together  with your S.O., and is very over-commercialised, so I suggest just getting them a card and doing something together. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant or expensive, we are all students, after all. Here are my top five ideas of how to have a brilliant day without blowing the budget:

valentines-day1) Go on a walk. This doesn’t have to be along the Aber promenade; it can be anywhere. A romantic stroll, long or short, is a good way for it to just be the two of you. Aber is surrounded by hills which are perfect for this, and walking is free!

2) Cook for your Valentine. This doesn’t have to be a lobster dinner (unless you want it to be). Eating in is cheaper than eating out, and it will be easier if you can’t get a table at your favourite restaurant. They will appreciate the effort you have gone to in order for you to make it for them.

3) Spend the day inside. Who says you actually have to leave the house for Valentine’s Day? You don’t have to; if you want to stay in your pyjamas all day and eat ice cream and binge watch American Dad, then go for it.

4) Go on a picnic. I know it is February and still fairly cold, but if you wrap up warm and go somewhere you both like then it could be very romantic. Definitely cheaper than paying for dinner, and you can take hot chocolate or tea and soak in the scenery. You could combine this with the walk that I mentioned before.

5) Stargaze. Aber, or at least just outside of Aber, you get incredible views of the sky at night. This does depend on weather, but fingers crossed you get a good night and you can sit and literally watch the world go by. Wrap up warm, and arm yourselves with a blanket and hot drinks, and you are ready.