Aberystwyth graduate brings original play to Arts Centre

winona bigWINONA is a new play by acclaimed writer Christopher T. Harris, a recent Aberystwyth graduate. Centring around love, social existence and the need to love we follow the story of siblings Kate and Daf, having retreated to their family cottage somewhere in the Welsh valley. A stranger puts a gun to Daf’s head near the tree outside and their somewhat quiet retreat turns into something quite different. Directed by Natalie Evans and a cast that includes: Ally Goodman, Leslie Staum-Lewis and Andy Evans. Winona is described by the author himself as “a ghost story. But not in the conventional sense. Its characters dig up hidden relics that echo within the four walls that they once spent a great deal of their youth in.”

The play is on tour throughout Spring 2015, arriving in Aberystwyth Arts Centre on the 19th of February at 7:45pm (tickets: £2.50 to £5.00) having already to travelled to Liverpool. Winona is one of  the Abandoned Theatre Co’s productions, of whom are an independent theatre company who seek to create innovative and original performances of dramatic texts, adaptations and new writing. Formed in Autumn 2012, the company premiered their first production in March 2014; Neil Simon’s Biloxi Blues, followed by Jez Butterworth’s Mojo in May 2014.

Find further information and ticket booking here: http://www.aberystwythartscentre.co.uk/theatre/winona

Christopher T. Harris’s works include: For the Drama Association of Wales, Great Mundane (Adjudicator’s Award Gwent Festival 2010); For the National Eisteddfod, The Fallen Night (Winner of Best Production and Best Actor under 25); Pine Heads at the Youth Council of Chepstow (Available through Lulu Publishing); Foul West (Broadway’s Aberystwyth, March 2012); From Now On (National Eisteddfod 2012); Sick (Scriptography Productions, Aberystwyth Art’s Centre); Glory Days (RAFA Club, Aberystwyth) and Call Me Cupid, God of Love. Visit:-  http://www.doollee.com/PlaywrightsH/harris-christopher-t.html