Pink Floyd’s The Endless River: a fitting send off for the Kings of Rock

YOU HAVE probably heard of the seminal rock band Pink Floyd. If you some how managed to miss over forty years of deeply engraved British musical culture then I’m impressed, you’re outside of the system. Pink Floyd’s latest effort The Endless River is likely to be their last. As their first record in twenty years, I wasn’t too sure what to expect. I knew it wouldn’t be The Wall. I knew it wouldn’t be The Dark Side of The Moon. All I knew was the albums inspiration was the work of Pink Floyd’s late keyboardist Richard Wright.

Richard Wright was never the active keyboardist that his contemporary Rick Wakeman (Yes, David Bowie) was. Wright’s work was largely ambient much more akin to another late, great keyboardist Jeremy Ward (The Mars Volta). This album, as a result, is ambient and this is pretty obvious from the get go. Don’t listen to the album before you go out; you’ve been warned. However, the real question here is, is it good? It honestly depends whether you already like Pink Floyd.The-Endless-River

There are the occasional guitar solos from David Gilmour and these are righteous and bodacious. David Gilmour is one of the greatest guitarists of all time, if you don’t agree music is repulsed by you. The album flutters back to the trademarks sounds of the seventies on side 3. Needless to say, it is the best side.  Side 1 feels like you’re being prepared for the record, yet this isn’t really required on such a mellow album. The mellow and ambient sounds would certainly appeal to those who are fans of progressive trance if there was a whole lot more bass.

This album is essentially the end of the Lord of The Rings when Frodo leaves the other hobbits and they accept it because he pretty much saved the world. Pink Floyd pretty much saved the rock world and have now left us with a pleasant album. This album was never going to be up beat when you consider the fact that the two musicians who worked on the record are 68 and 70. If you’re new to Pink Floyd listen to The Wall, Wish You Were Here or The Dark Side of The Moon. If you already like Pink Floyd it’s worth a catch up. If you want to stare in to the abyss on the off chance you might find yourself, then give this album a listen.