5 Secret Santa presents for £5 and under

IF YOU ARE struggling to decide what to get your friends and family this Christmas but don’t want to buy something to that will be thrown in a drawer for the next three years, then here are some ideas:

Pacman Mug


This mug is made with thermo-chromic paint and when it is filled with a hot drink the characters of the iconic Pacman game appear. This will add an extra cheer to your tea breaks in assignments and may still surprise you when months after Christmas when you forget the secret of the mug.

Perfect for: your friend who appreciates a good mug

Price: £4.49


Ring for tea bell


This ‘ring for tea’ bell will probably be one of those gifts someone overuses and then ends up in the kitchen being a communal item. However, it could be an extremely useful and thoughtful gift.

Perfect for: your friend who cannot go an hour without a cup of tea

Price: £5


Rainbow Torch


This torch is perfect for walking home from lectures or the library late at night if your road isn’t that well lit. Also useful to have lying around the house in case of a power cut!

Perfect for: your friend who can’t change a bulb

Price: £3.50


Soldier Egg Cup


This has to be one of the coolest egg cups ever. Taking eggs and soldiers to the literal extreme, this set will be sure to be received with a smile and be well used. Good idea for a hangover cure.

Perfect for: your friend who likes a cooked breakfast

Price: £5



Ice-shot Glasses


A set of 4 ice-shot glasses. The perfect gift for people who like to host predrinks. This gift will allow you to make jelly shots easier and with less mess than beforehand. You will know that it will definitely be used and not sat in a cupboard.

Perfect for: Your friend who likes a party

Price: £3.99