Five signs you’re an Aberystwyth student

WE’RE from Aber and we couldn’t be prouder, but let’s face it – as universities go, Aberystwyth is a bit different. It’s in a small town, up a huge hill, and there are far more coffee shops than clubs. But we love it. So without further ado, here are five signs that you’re an Aber student.

  • You never get bored of the sunsets. By the time you graduate, you will probably have at least one album full of scenic sunset photos. You won’t delete these photos because every time you see a sunset it’s a little bit different, but just as stunning. The starlings are also a fantastic sight to see at that time of night, so you’ll most likely have pictures of that too.
  • Whenever the sun so much as peeks out from behind the clouds, you’re on the beach. Seeing as this is Wales and it rains a lot, any sun is an opportunity to go to the beach. Even if it’s not really warm, and even if you have an exam the next day. Revising on the beach is next to impossible, but that doesn’t stop you.
  • Sunset

    Photo by Alex Stuart

    Walking more than two minutes to the next pub seems unreasonable. Having become used to living in a place with more pubs per square mile than anywhere else in the country, anything more than simply turning around and walking into the next pub is just too much effort.

  • Hills in any other place pale in comparison to what you walk up every week. If you walk up it to lectures, you’ll curse the lucky people that can just roll out of bed because they live up top. If you have to walk up it with shopping, you’ll wish you lived in town near the supermarkets. Either way, you can’t win. Buying a bus pass or getting taxis everywhere are the only solutions.
  • You can’t go anywhere without seeing someone you know. It’s called the “Aber bubble” for a reason! Whether it’s someone from your course, or your flat-mate’s boyfriend’s best-friend, you will see someone you know when you pop to the shops for emergency cheese, alcohol or chocolate.