The most wonderful time of year

IT IS THAT wonderful time of the year. Well…nearly. Oh yes readers, it is nearly that time of year where you think, where has 2014 gone? Speaking as a third year, this reality has left me feeling dread and fear of the unknown. I’ve actually had to mentally sit myself down and think, ‘alright you have one semester of university left soon. What are you going to do with your life?’ I’m not going to lie, from around the time I was thirteen university has been the long game, and anything after that has been a dark spot or a blur in my imagination. Gone are the days when I was a kid and wanted to be a fairy princess. The harsh reality of life is knocking at the door and I’m shaking at the prospect of answering it. So, what can numb the dissertation proposals, deadlines and the upcoming January exams that we are eagerly awaiting? Just some little holiday called CHRISTMAS.

Now, we all know that Christmas means awful TV, too many calories, and a few hangovers that will make you wish Santa had left Paracetamol under the tree. It is hard enough feeling the excitement that after so many years still remains in some form or another, but when you haven’t been home since the beginning of term it can leave a longing for home, greater than Christmas (dare it be said….) For most of us (me included) that dare not venture on board Arriva, for a journey that can take as long as it is dreadful, it can leave a sense homesickness that only a hug from mum can cure. So as Michael Bublé, beautifully put it, let me go home.


In the meantime, however, enjoy university while it lasts! Yes, first years, this applies to you as well! So what is there to do? In my experience there is plenty to pass the time. Why not arrange a secret Santa within your society, sports team or accommodation? Suggest a Christmas meal perhaps; there are plenty of places that do great deal with groups at a discount price. If you are feeling in the Christmas spirit then decorate your house/flat. B&M are known for their good prices when it comes to decorations, why not over indulge in the Christmas spirit and make your living space feel like a mini grotto. However, if you are not the Christmas kind, perhaps a cinema trip?  The third and last installation of the Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies is due out the 12th, this is a film not to be missed. If that doesn’t take your fancy, then there’s only one thing for, it, do not be a SCROOGE! University is the best experience you will have in your younger years, indulge yourself in the holiday spirit with your friends, these three years go quick. Despite the hangovers, deadlines, and debt, just remember -time with family and friends is special and unfortunately limited.