Do students need to be taught laundry skills before essay skills?

BIRMINGHAM City University is ensuring that before students learn equations, essays and deadlines they need to learn some basic homemaking skills first. The university has issued a guide for how to do your laundry after their own research found as many as 60% of students come to university having “rarely or never” washed their own clothes. Well, it didn’t seem possible to simplify something so err…simple, until now. The step-by-step guide includes everything from checking your pockets for tissues and your phone to switching on the washing machine.

laundryOne representative from the university said:

“It’s good that programmes like The Great British Bake Off and Masterchef have helped young people to know their bed of celeriac from their apricot jus, but the domestic chores like washing clothes still need to be done… From the survey findings, it looks like the dull but necessary tasks might not have been allocated equally in all households, but now is the time to learn!”

So the number of students unable to wash clothes may mean the more domestically capable students are stuck with all the chores in first year halls. It’s even more likely that those who are somehow incapable of washing their own clothes simply wear dirty clothes and buy underwear from Matalan on a bi-monthly basis.