Beating the winter blues

THE NIGHTS are drawing in, temperatures are falling, essay deadlines are looming, it’s still not quite the Christmas holidays, and to top it all off you’re suffering from the latest bout of fresher’s flu.  With all this to contend with, it’s not hard to begin feeling a little bit down about things.  However, don’t despair just yet – there are plenty of good ways to keep your spirits up during the dreary winter days, and this article has some top tips to put a smile back on your face.

Aberystwyth in winter

Photo – Kim Jewel

If you’re feeling fed up, the temptation is always there to lock yourself away from the world and catch up on iPlayer’s latest offerings.  While this can provide a welcome escape, it’s important to remember to stay sociable.  Spending too much time shut away will make you feel lonely and isolated, which will only contribute to you feeling low on those dark December nights.  So, gather your friends and head out of the house – a night out in town could be the perfect way to blow away the cobwebs.  What’s more, with Christmas approaching it’s likely that your societies are planning some exciting events for you to get involved with, providing the ideal distraction in the last few weeks of term.  That’s not to say that you have to drink to be social – there’s plenty that you and your mates can get up to which doesn’t involve alcohol, too.  For example, why not check out the latest release at the cinema or one of the events at the Art’s Centre?


Photo – Kim Jewel

Another great way to beat the winter blues is by getting creative in the kitchen, and cooking some tasty and wholesome dishes. Enjoying a good meal is bound to lift your spirits and make the dark days just that bit more bearable.  Most cookbooks and cookery websites contain some great recipes, ranging from simple soups to hearty pies.  It’s a good idea to get some flatmates involved and cook together.  Before the holidays you could even get together to organise a traditional Christmas dinner, providing a chance to both bring the flat together and get you in the festive mood.

Exercise is a great way to beat the winter blues, with the University’s sports centre being an ideal place to head on a chilly evening.  Here, you can do a whole host of activities, whether it is a group spinning session or a solo swimming trip.  A visit here will get you out of the house and get the blood flowing – warming you up, if nothing else!

Sometimes, however, you might just want to escape the Aber bubble and travel elsewhere during your free time.  This needn’t be an expensive or long haul trip across the world, but could just be a train or bus ride to Birmingham or Cardiff for a day or two of Christmas shopping.  Such visits can serve as a reminder that there is a world outside of this small Welsh seaside town and provide an entertaining way to hit your winter blues on the head.

I hope that this article has provided you with some good hints and tips for keeping your spirits up this winter.  Keep smiling, and have fun!