Trigger Happy: Why Bill Maher and other Left and Right libertarians are wrong to endorse slurs

bill maher political correctnessFEMINAZIS, kikes, n*****s, bitches, faggots, chinks…every single one of these vulgar words has invaded our language for the sole and intentional purpose of dehumanizing certain demographics of our society; as well as being virulently embraced by certain portions of the Left and Right wing media.

The power of language is brushed aside by libertarian intellectuals who pitchfork and picket anybody who has the audacity to scold those who openly and arrogantly favour the side of their concept of ‘freedom of speech.’ By hideously yelling these abject terms on message boards, forums, or in the volatile space of the public, it simply causes a division within society.
Libertarians seem to enjoy defending this position on the naivety that their ‘freedom of speech’ is being compromised, that their most important integrity of upholding social liberty by the censorship of their language is hindering the popular style of discourse and discussion of ideas.

Bill Maher, an outspoken and unsophisticated voice for the Liberal Left, is one such commentator who believes that ‘political correctness Nazis’ are the problem, not those who the (proverbial) ‘Nazis’ are attacking. For instance, one of Maher’s many attacks on the position of liberal ‘political correctness’ is his scorn for the fact that Facebook now grants many of its American users access to 56 alternative trans-genders. It is unsure as to whether Maher is living in a fantasy land where every single person he has ever interacted with is solidly defined by the gender they were given at birth, but it’s surprising that somebody who endorses freedom of expression under America’s first constitutional law can also choose to facetiously attack and eviscerate the technological age’s new mode of self-expression.

Transgender activist Janet Mock expressed nothing but praise when the new gender options became available, which now allowed those experimenting with gender to try out the changes in a social environment where they feel safe. The only purpose Bill Maher’s rejection of this gender experimentation resulted in (ignoring the obvious, exploitative and cheap ‘joke’) was his out-of-date conservatism against the New Left’s embrace and LGBTQIA+ acknowledgement of Trans identities.

Although Maher’s conquest for self-expression and freedom of speech is suggested to be a constitutional right, he does of course oppose the censorship of using slurs (words like the ones listed at the beginning) to the point that he has of course welcomingly used these on occasion. Those who object to Maher’s language are ‘called out’ for censorship of language or are dubbed as being on the Left (in a somewhat ironic fashion) and ‘politically correct’. We are the new Orwellian Big Brothers, holding out for when somebody uses the n-word or calls a disabled person a cripple, we strike at the very heart of liberty and free democracy. At least, this is what the infants of the anti-PC adversity try to instil. And yet, what the ‘intellectuals’ of the ‘free speech’ brigade try to convince us of is their own prowess as free thinkers and rational debaters, despite the fact that it’s clear to anybody who has at least opened a book on the subject of politicised language, that its usage by people who have and will never be affected by it is not only inappropriate but immoral too. The privileged class of celebrity-come-libertarian are a sordid breed of person whom, as it has happened for far too long, is only too happy to defend the freedom of self-expression when it suits them. Yet they conveniently forget the people struggling for their right to express themselves exactly as they want. Maher’s cheap joke is just another example of how resistant the status quo is to progression.

Stephen Fry pines on this subject in regard to the Nazi’s dehumanization of the Jews during Hitler’s regime. Fry asserts that the Nazis used similar terms and names for their victims in order to dehumanize and degrade them. People, who would ordinarily act morally, were able to do disastrously loathsome things, and more due to a severed connection with the others’ humanity.
Obviously there is no suggestion that those who use slurs in their vernacular are in any way equitable to the murderous actions of Nazis, but there is certainly an air of similarity. Words like faggot, bitch, hussy or chink only reminds the person you are telling that each of these words (depending on their respective history) has an oppressive back story of slander, humiliation and often, murder.
Political correctness advocates do not generally favour the eradication of freedom of speech; after all, the freedom of speech amendment provides that you will not be lawfully incarcerated for how you use your language (generally speaking.)

However, the Right’s basic understanding of how language is and is not used falls so wide of the mark that it can only be described as a travesty when its advocates attempt to engage in discussion surrounding the sociopolitical discrepancies of political correctness and its faculties. Tragically, the Right wing of social media will always advocate for their right to say whatever they like without impunity, childishly ignoring the fact that the rights afforded to you are and will always be afforded to every single one of your enemies.