Protest graffiti mars new Tesco build

PROTEST graffiti against the new Mill Street Development has appeared on the hoardings surrounding the building site. The graffiti, which is drawn in white chalk, appeared on Saturday (6th Dec), and bears various drawings and slogans speaking out against Tesco and Ceredigion County Council.

The focus of the graffiti is on the demolition of the Park Avenue Day Centre, which has been demolished, along with the Drill Hall, to make way for the new 37,000 square foot development and 555-space car park; several homes on Glyndwr Road are also due to be demolished. Reactions to the new development have been mixed throughout the town, with the demolition of the Park Avenue Day Centre a particular point of ire for many.

You can find a number of photos of the graffiti below:

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Photos by Tomos Nolan