Grand Theft Auto V: The next generation release

THE LATE great rendition of real life released by Rockstar truly shines;  reality and chaos blend together to create a seamless experience unlike no other. The next gen release on PS4 and Xbox One captures the beauty of an open world environment, a sandbox fit for psychopathic chaos to be the norm, without the blink of an eye. A simple action, like the shot of a weapon, creates a chain of chaos that matches the realism of Red Dead Redemption to the tyrannical protagonist that Rockstar constantly produces throughout their renditions of reality, or lack of.

GTA5-NextGenThe game may have the same storyline and baseline as its former console glory within the PS3 and Xbox 360, yet the texture upgrades and resolution of such atmospheres in the world creates a new ambience that the older generation consoles cannot compete with. The graphical improvements create a world as realistic as Los Santos in a way that no other Rockstar game can brag about as of yet; opening an entirely broad spectrum in which Rockstar can now only build upon with whichever game they choose to release next.

A point that can’t be forgotten is the addition of music to the once established radio stations upon the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game. Who wouldn’t love to drive on the American highways at 220mph to the Backstreet Boys? Or to fly over the beautiful sunset horizon to Kansas’ ‘Carry on Wayward Son’? Within the re-release there are nods to the previous Grand Theft Auto games, such as GTA 3’s lonesome plane; the Dodo. Rockstar merged together the nostalgia of playing the older games within the series to the new experiences that those additions create. Who knew flying a Dodo plane – the most useless plane ever created, with a maximum air time of 18 seconds – would be such a new experience.

The aesthetic improvements surely can be questioned in terms of justification of paying for the same game over again, however the inclusion of 30 players online and a first person camera integrated into all aspects within the game (even the erotica, ‘who wouldn’t love a first person lapdance?’ says Rockstar’s ambition) seals the deal of a repurchase.

If the soundtrack, quality of textures, first person camera mode, or 30 player online sessions don’t somewhat intrigue you then we’ve got a problem.

What is so interesting about the game – which is a problem within many games these days – is playability, to which GTA V truly lords over multiple games. The endless possibilities created within the game create an endless loop of the need to play the game, over and over. The multiplayer created by Rockstar, labelled GTA: Online is where the chaos comes to play with co-operation at your disposal, but trust no one. You never know when someone may be aiming at you.