Top online entertainment: A top three of web-series

IN MY EYES the web series is one of the best forms of entertainment. Episodes are never too long and easily broken up into chunks, or you also have the option to binge watch one after the other. Usually dedicated to specific genres or fan groups on the internet, there are so many to choose from. Whilst those listed below are very much influenced by my own taste, I hope they will encourage anyone reading to go check them out, or find web-series of their own to watch.

3) Bravest Warriors

First off is Cartoon Hangover’s Bravest Warriors, which finished its second season earlier this year. Bravest Warriors tells the story of a team of teens taking on their parent’s mantle to help those in trouble around the galaxy. Done in very much an Adventure Time visual style, this series takes on a very light hearted tone and is less grounded in reality. This enables it to create some humorous yet cute characters, such as Catbug, arguably the best character of the show. It is also a show very much grounded in science fiction, with blatant nods to Doctor Who, Star Trek and Star Wars in its plot and jokes. Whilst still a relatively new, small show, it is definitely one to enjoy.

2) Video Game High School

Those familiar with YouTuber Freddie Wong and his channel RocketJump may be aware of the crowd-funding Campaign earlier this year that achieved just shy of $1M to help create its third series. The use of crowd-funding has allowed Wong to create a web-series that is perhaps the one of the best around right now in terms of quality. Video Game High School is set in a world where video games are the dominant form of entertainment, not unlike many sports. The First Person Shooter players can be likened to American Football jocks in an American high school film. When Brian kills the number one player in the world in a game he is invited to VGHS to play amongst the best. With an interesting world created and very similar length, quality, and format to conventional TV shows, go check it out.

Webseries1) Red vs. Blue

However, hands down my most favourite web-series… ever, of all time, is Red vs. Blue; the world’s longest running web series which recently tied up its twelfth season. The show is the flagship production of the ever expanding RoosterTeeth team, and perhaps one of its funniest. The machinima series (that’s using a video game engine to create a production) is based in the popular Halo games and follows what can only be described as the galaxy’s worst soldiers. Even when saving the universe, the main characters still whine, wise-crack or even just mess up from their sheer incompetence. Full of in-jokes and irreverent humour, its plot arching the first six seasons is some of the best I have encountered, and considering it is made in a video game the quality of it is surprisingly decent. It would be a disservice not to watch it.

All shows mentioned can be found both on YouTube and the creators’ respective websites.