Top 3 phone apps for Android and iPhone

For Android

retry appNo 1: RETRY

RETRY is a newly released game by Rovio, the creators of Angry Birds. The game is said to have been inspired by Flappy Bird with the goal of flying an aeroplane between hangars without crashing into obstacles. Similar to Flappy Bird, the game has 8-bit graphics and music, and its only controls are you tapping on the screen. When you tap on the screen the plane flies upwards, not horizontally, which is where the challenge lies. If you crash, you are simply presented with a retry button, hence the name. Some may argue that this idea of avoiding obstacles while flying is unoriginal, however I think Rovio have done a great job on this game.

5/5 – An addictive and well implemented game which is worthy of its place at the top of the charts.

No 2: Golf Star

Golf Star is, as its title suggests, a golf simulation game released by Com2uS USA. Although the download itself was only 29MB, upon running the game I was told I had to free up 1.5GB of space. Despite the wait, once everything had downloaded, I was surprised by how detailed the graphics of the game were. The gameplay was also very good, with the ability to aim the shot, adjust the power and the clubs. And the game also goes further by adding multiplayer and customisable characters with special items you can use to your advantage.

4/5 – A game with excellent graphics and extensive gameplay.

CandyCrush ScreenshotNo 3: Candy Crush Saga

An app I’m sure you’ll all have heard of, Candy Crush Saga is another ‘Saga’ game from King, which focuses on matching pieces of candy in a particular number of moves. This game has been in the charts for a while, having been released in 2012, but is still going strong with well over 1000 levels and 100,000,000 downloads. And, although simple, this game is rather addictive and can easily give you endless hours of entertainment as you progress through the fantasy world.

4/5 – A great game to play while bored, with a fun candy theme.

For iPhone

Here, I take a look at the top 3 current iPhone game apps in the apple ‘chart’ at the time of writing, which are all fairly newly updated apps.

SpiderMan Ultimate app screenshotsNo.1: Spider-Man Unlimited

At first glance this app looks to be a rather ambitious attempt at a Spider-Man game, and particularly on a visual side, it is very impressive. Unfortunately, the game falls short in terms of development, as it is riddled with bugs and glitches from early on. Despite this being a new release, the developers have failed to deal with many (if any) of the glitches that fans of the series have previously raised. On a positive note, the introductory tutorial is easy to follow and you get a grasp of the controls quickly. Yet, even in the tutorial level the fight scenes and some movements glitched and this turned me off continuing because I saw myself getting frustrated very quickly.

2/5 – What could be a fun game falls short due to annoying glitches.

No.2: Race Team Manager

In this app, you start as an upcoming race team boss and work your way up the leagues. The description sets out that you have all the best parts of a racing game, but also includes the management side as well. The game itself was fun and actually rather addictive, however not too challenging after a few races. The management side, while enjoyable, is partly a ploy – done by many companies these days – to part with your real money to better advance in the game. One other issue I did have was the size of the game (482mb), which is a lot if you have a smaller capacity iPhone. I found it also drained battery life rather quickly if played for a while.

4/5 – Fun and addictive with a good set of features, but takes up a lot of space.

No.3: Cashsquare

The idea of this game – not unlike Monopoly – is you can walk around and ‘buy’ any venue, whether it be your favourite shop or famous landmark. The game is tied somewhat to Foursquare; a check-in app. The importance of Foursquare with regards to this game is that your friends ‘check-in’ on Foursquare with properties that you ‘own’ on Cashsquare then you earn in-game cash. It’s a cool idea for a game to have, however there are a few issues. Firstly, many of the places you can buy are bought up quickly and therefore it’s difficult to get places people will check-in. A further issue is that you can only put a shop or business ‘to work’ for 5 minutes at a time. Finally, the option to buy land and build a business is again an encouragement to spend real life money – which for many will be a deal breaker.

3/5 – It’s a great concept and a fun game to manage, although not without issues.