Maze Runner: Decidedly average

SIMPLE, enjoyable, formulaic but not without faults. It’s hard to take anything too seriously when it’s set in a maze. In short the plot is this: Thomas wakes up with no memory and finds himself trapped in ‘The Glade’ – a woods like square – positioned in the middle of a maze. He is greeted by a young mob of men, who like him, lost their memory, and while trapped for the past 3 years have set up camp.

mazerunnerCharacterisation is one problem present in this film. You don’t get to know any of the characters particularly well, so you don’t feel particularly effect should any of them die. As the plot progresses, the second in command, Newt, tells Thomas the mob are designated into groups – builders, runners, and so forth. Presumably there’s a group of stylists too – they have surprisingly short and trendy haircuts, considering they are supposed to have been trapped there for three years. The mystery of the lurking maze ‘grievers’ and whether the yob mob will escape the maze makes you want to stick around, I just wish it would decide its own tone a bit more. At points the cheesy dialogue makes you think the film is aware of its own silly premise.

While the film didn’t answer enough questions for me, it threw up many other interesting ones which – if answered well – would make for some brilliant sequels. I’m sceptical of this however, as the questions answered in the current film are done hastily, and the new questions it raises are such broad topics that it’s hard to imagine they will ever have satisfying answers. Such a reading may seem harsh, especially taking into account the market that the film carter for (12A). The film certainly is quite scary for a younger audience, has good action, and special effects; but I can’t help thinking that, when being compared to the Hunger Games trilogy (which has the same age rating as The Maze Runner), it was far less captivating for a wider demographic of viewers. Overall, The Maze Runner is average but enjoyable. Let us hope this film allows for much deeper confirmed sequels.