Black House: The music scene of Aberystwyth’s biggest hit


The make-shift dance-floor in front of the Ghetto Grotto stage.

ON THE 4th of October BLACKHOUSE took over the Arts Centre once more. As usual, the event was a massive hit with people flooding in from within Aberystwyth and the surrounding areas in their droves to enjoy the eclectic Underground and Ska music scene. There were several different DJ sets spread throughout the entire three levels of the Arts Centre. On the lower deck, there was the Live Lounge in association with Rewired; featuring much loved acoustic acts from in and around Aberystwyth. The first floor had the House Party, Ghetto Grotto and Main Stage sets, where you could find sets with heavier beats. Last, but not least, was the top floor completely decked out in reggae attire, as well as the roundhouse which had been turned into a titular Swing City experience.

With a set list as loud and boisterous as the speakers dotted around the area, the night was a testament to just how popular the underground music scene is in Wales. The 1st floor foyer was absolutely packed with people dancing to the smooth mixes fronted by the DJs on decks of the Ghetto Grotto stage. Skaramanga were a returning act for going on four years, boasting that the crowd was “bigger than anything [they’d] seen before”, and were completely enthralled by the love they were receiving from their willing audience – “the atmosphere is amazing.”


Impromptu dance-off in the Swing Thing Theatre (The Roundhouse)

In the roundhouse participants were pushed to the curved walls, craning their necks to get a view of the completely spontaneous dance-off in the centre. The same kind of easy, happy vibes were found in the Ska-Rum-Bar. D-Selekta – affectionately known as Dave – had been a regular to Blackhouse since 2009 and also commented on how busy the space was. He said several times that he “loved the vibes” the crowd were giving off and that in general the ambience was that of a happy bunch of people.


D-Selekta answering some questions after his set.

Blackhouse is an event that attracts many, but the general feeling of the night is always one of enjoyment. The people who attend genuinely love the music that is played out throughout the duration of the night, and the talent displayed by the artists is impeccable. Truly one of the most loved affairs – an event Aberystwyth should feel proud to host.