BAY TV: Students’ Union Officers – 100 days of office

polaroid-officers-14-ALT-1-ETODAY [8th Oct] marks 100 days in office for Aberystwyth Students’ Union Full-Time Officers. Therefore, we have been able to interview each officer to find out how they are getting on, what they have achieved so far and what they are planning for the future.

The interviews took place in the Bay Radio studio by some of the new Brunch on Bay radio show (Stay tuned for more details soon!) presenters. With this in mind, we also asked them who would they want to have Brunch with and why?

We will be rolling out these interviews throughout the day today.

Harriet O’Shea

First up, is the Activities Officer Harriet O’Shea. Check the video out below:

Grace Burton

You can find the interview with Grace Burton, our Education Officer below.

Miriam Williams

You can find the interview with Miriam Williams, the Welsh Affairs and UMCA President below.

Will Atkinson

The next video interview is with Will Atkinson, our Welfare Officer. Check the video out below!

 Jacob Dayfdd Ellis

The final video is the interview with Jacob Dafydd Ellis, the Union President. See the video below!

Thank you for joining us today for these interviews today. Keep up to date with Aberystwyth news on this website and look out for Brunch on Bay kicking off Bay Radio next week!