Oxjam 2014: Local music, global impact


Photo – Tomos Nolan

ON THE 5th JULY 2014, Oxjam, which is Oxfam’s month long music festival, launched in Aberystwyth’s Arts Centre. The night started 7pm, with 75 people turning up to the event. The acts ranged in their genre, from soulful acoustic music to well known pop songs and also featured two comedy acts. The atmosphere was vibrant and upbeat as people listened and enjoyed the artists throughout the night.

The highlight of the evening was the duo Harriet Taylor and Dave Salter. Harriet having a sweet voice did mashups of Jessie J and Bruno Mars. The duo managed to lift the spirits of everyone in the venue, and had everybody singing along. Hopefully this duo will feature at the main event in October. Another great act from the evening was George Higgins, he played acoustic covers of indie and pop songs. His singing had a youthful smooth sound to it, I would definitely recommend anyone to go and see this artist.

All the other artists were equally as fantastic, which made the night even more enjoyable to attend. The two comedy acts that closed the event certainly left the night on a high note. The night also included: Arthur Bates, Niel Corbett, Emily Farr, Rhys Davies, Niamh Keoghan and Garin and Rhydian Fitter showed off their talents.

Oxfam has produced Oxjam since 2006. Since then Oxjam had raised over 2.3 million for Oxfam, and over 1.6 million people have been to an Oxjam gig. There have been over 4,500 events around the UK. Aberystwyth will proudly hold another Oxjam gig on the 18th October 2014 in the Students Union.

A selection of photos from the night – by Tomos Nolan