Interview: Peace come to Aberystwyth this June

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THE ARTS Centre is a hive of activity; comedy, drama, and Film, although often, modern music feels somewhat lacking. In September Kaiser Chiefs took the stage, however rock acts at the Arts Centre are quite thin on the ground. Which is why we should be extremely excited for the coming of Birmingham based band Peace, who play the Arts Centre on June 5th. Having noted fans of the band include the Guardian and the NME, whose cover the band appeared on last year, along with their debut album In Love, it’s great to see a popular, good, exciting band headline the Arts Centre.

Their tour, which runs from May to June, covers many destinations, not just your regular stations like London and Manchester, but also Wrexham, Leamington Spa, Kendal and, of course, Aberystwyth, along with many other dates. When I asked drummer Dom why they’d chosen these places, he said the band felt they hadn’t finished touring their first album, and they were ‘not ready to draw a line under it’. ‘Why should fans be expected to travel out to those places? We should come to them.’ Thanks to the band’s attitude on touring, many places will see their presence that might not usually. Speaking about touring all over the world, Dom stated that often you wouldn’t realise what you were doing till you’d done it: ‘You’d come back for a weekend off, and be like, ‘I was just in Australia, I’ve always wanted to go’. Dom described the band ‘very lucky’ to be able to do what they do, and enjoy very moment of it.

With In Love being released over a year ago now, it’s refreshing to hear that the songs sound as clean-cut and exciting as when they first reached our ears. From the funky ‘Delicious’ to the heavy ‘Toxic’, In Love is a pleasure to listen to, and it seems clear why the band would want to keep touring the album as much as they can. With new track ‘Money’ recently released though, one is curious as to the direction of the band now. ‘The new album will definitely be out this year!’ Dom says, ‘we’re just putting the finishing touches to it.’ When asked what we could expect, Dom said the band felt more comfortable around their instruments: ‘When we worked on our first album we’d never done anything like this before so it’s nice to define our sound.’

Surprisingly, this won’t be Peace’s first appearance in Aber. ‘We played a couple of years ago,’ Dom explains. ‘You’ll have to forgive me, I can’t remember where exactly, but we’re really looking forward to coming back!’ With plenty of tunes, an enthusiasm for performing and lots of popular appeal, expect Peace to produce a performance that will send the Arts Centre mad.

Peace play Aberystwyth Arts Centre on June the 5th. Tickets are still available for £13.50 from the Arts Centre box office and their website: