Jimeoin, Musical Comedy – Well, sort of…

35709aJIMEOIN’S unique brand of comedy landed at The Arts Centre on Thursday, and very funny it was too. He had the audience in stitches and a lot of the time he was just standing there, using facial expressions as the basis for his hilarity. Of the comedians I have seen, his sense of timing is second to none; immaculate. Well, it is the secret to comedy.

He used that good old comedian’s trick of making the audience feel as if they were in the situation he was describing, playing on common experiences to get the laughs. From jokes about his own wife and how being a comedian on tour was a release from raising four kids, to the funny musings he notes down in his comedic black book, this was a very enjoyable evening, and extremely varied.

The funniest thing about his performance was that he was still laughing at his own jokes, that had no doubt been repeated over and over again on this nationwide tour. That is the trick of any touring artist, to make every night of the marathon of engagements feel like the first night for the members of the audience.

By no means laugh-a-minute, but well observed and erudite, his brand of comedy is simply to be funny. There was no philosophical message, just jokes, something Jimeoin himself pointed out is a comedians most important job, it comes with the territory, hence the tour being called “YES, YES…….WHATEVER?!” This breaks from the new brand of younger comedians who think because they are on top of their soapbox they are also contractually obliged to give a philosophy lesson. Jimeoin’s message was simple; leave that to Nietzsche, I’m just here to be funny.

The comedy was musical, because he was joined by his trusty guitar. Ending both halves of his show, in which he was his own support, with a guitar interlude. The first part of the show ended with him just tuning it then him walking off. Ridiculous, but from a comedic perspective, it worked incredibly well.

The job description of any showman is to leave the audience wanting more. The first half of the show was largely off the cuff warm up comedy, with the standard fare of pointing fun at Aberystwyth. It is very healthy to be able to laugh at oneself. As he left at the end of the second half of his show, instead of walking off and coming back on again, he cheekily pointed at his watch and implored more applause, as if to justify his staying on because he had the time. Great comedy because it was so simple.

Jimeoin’s tour carries on throughout Britain until May, when he will fly to Australia to do a run of shows in Brisbane, before returning to these shores for consecutive shows at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival from the 1st-24th August.