A/W 13’s luxurious fashion trends

WE FLOURISHED ourselves with floral crowns and bohemian kimonos this summer in remembrance of the free loving 80s. But as the air gets colder and the leaves start to fall, fashion retrieves its 90s phase of punk! Take note: whereas, before, haphazardly pinning your clothes with safety pins was enough to pay homage to punk, A/W’13 fashion has gone a step further and introduced fabrics to this season’s tribute to punk!


Regardless of the fact the tartan has millennia of history, it has single-handedly marked its way through fashion history. When Coco Chanel dated Hugh Grosvenor, the Duke of Westminster in the 20s, she ended up spending various summer months in the Scottish Highlands where she was introduced to tweed and tartan. Although these fabrics were traditionally worn by men, Chanel’s intuition for simplifying the way women dressed meant that she saw these two fabrics as fashion’s way forward. Prior to this, tartan was usually favoured by the aristocracy but Chanel pioneered marketing it towards a more average person. Decades later, punk re-engineered the same idea but, this time, tartan became the perfect symbolic fabric to wreck bourgeois ideas. Fortunately, this year’s reappearance of tartan isn’t politically motivated; instead, designers like Moschino have graced Milan Fashion Week with this timeless fabric and a generous salute to British fashion and the punk era. Regardless of Chanel feminising tartan, it still remains a feature in men’s wear. Moschino’s ready-to-wear collection of tailored pleated skirts and jackets means that, even without the hefty bank balance, you too can proudly display British pride.




Another fabric previously known for its regal stature, the plush, smooth effect of velvet has taken a darker turn this season. In the Roaring Twenties we embraced velvet; it became a simple act of rebellion that signified new money and a fresh start after the war. Think of Daisy Buchanan swaying around at one of Jay Gatsby’s extravagant parties. 2013 catwalk trends have taken the romantic, carefree element out of velvet and replaced it with long, tailored velvet jackets and violet-coloured velvet dresses in honour of punk. Although you can go for a demure look with a velvet dress like Ralph Lauren’s dinner style dress, try adding collar necklaces and lace-up boots to retain the punk element of this season.