Bands On Fire: variety and a fiery performance


Photo – Jon Terino

ON NOVEMBER 9th, Rewired music held their debut live music event. Their ‘Bands on Fire’ event, held at The Cooper’s Arms, showcased as of yet undiscovered bands across Britain.  The night consisted of three performances, the 95th, a light/alternative rock band from Stafford. Quercus Burlesque, a band from Dyfi Estuary which describes their genre as ‘odd’, and finally the heavier rock band Thousand Fingers from Newport.

The bands featured were very talented, and the variety of genres from the night seemed to compliment the bands: it was very enjoyable to attend a live music event and be provided with such a mix. If you weren’t a fan of one band you could trust that the next set was going to be different and could perhaps suit your tastes better. The 95th started off the night ejecting some great energy into the audience with their indie rock performance. This was followed up by the very qwerky Quercus Burlesque, who played with a strange assortment of instruments and even stranger lyrics, if you like folk music and want to listen to something different I would recommend listening to their stuff online. Finishing off the night was the heavier rock band Thousand Fingers, demonstrating their deep voice and metal music influences.

I found it to be a very enjoyable night, with some talented bands and a variety of music for most people to find at least one set they could appreciate. However it didn’t always run so smoothly; there were some audio issues during including painful feedback and straight up having to stop a band while problems were dealt with. I would hope that these issues are sorted for the next live band event and Rewired can continue to find some great talent.

All these bands can be found via Facebook with some listening material online, and the next Rewired music live band event will ‘Rocky Road’ on 29th November at Coopers Arms.