Emerging Artists: Jackson Scott


AMERICAN musician Jackson Scott is the latest act to appear on the psychedelic scene. Combining classic alternative rock guitar work with vocal processors and a few ambient numbers, Scott’s debut album, Melbourne, is full of a mystifying doom and gloom.

Rarely exceeding three minutes in length, Scott’s songs often feel like skits, but reel the listener in with strangely dark, minor riffs that leave you wanting more. Songs like ‘Sandy’, in which Scott adds his own, unique voice to the Sandy Hook Massacre, give a chilling depth to the already haunting music. Scott is a total mixed bag as well, with songs ‘Only Eternal’ and ‘Wish Upon’ harking back to Brian Eno’s famous Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks.

His ability to flit between the dark (‘Evie’), the indie (‘That Awful Sound’) and the downright odd (‘Any Way’) is a charming ability, and Scott uses it to its full advantage. His work with Vox processors sets him aside from a large proportion of current Psychedelic acts. His début album gives us a taste of what Scott can do but leaves us wanting more; it’s clear that he has a lot more to give.