Daily Express removed from sale after discriminatory campaign

The Students' Union - Tomos Nolan

The Students’ Union – Tomos Nolan

ABERYSTWYTH University Students’ Union have released a statement following an article by The Commentator criticising the Union Shop for ‘banning’ the sale of a recent issue of the Daily Express due to offensive content.

The content in the Express  is a petition ‘coupon’ which is aimed towards the Government, requesting that it maintains labour market controls on EU citizens coming into the United Kingdom. Particularly mentioned were Bulgarian and Romanian migrant workers, following their states’ recent entry into the European Union in 2007. The Express speaks of fears of a ‘mass influx’ of workers – due to occur in January once the restrictions have been lifted by European Law on December 31st – stating that its petition “urges Mr. Cameron to have the courage to stand up to Brussels and protect British workers by keeping the limits in place.”

The Express has published information regarding a letter it received from Romanian MEP Catalin Ivan, requesting that it end its campaign because the labour market can hold no restrictions and therefore, by requesting that controls remain, the Express is advocating the violation of EU Law.

Aberystwyth University is host to a considerable percentage of EU students, and as a result of this, Aberystwyth Students’ Union Shop have removed that particular issue from sale as it is in breach of the Union’s policies of equality and non-discrimination.

The Union has stated that they are “committed to promoting an equal opportunities environment, preventing any form of direct or indirect discrimination or victimisation for all”. It goes on to highlight that the Union has “clear policies of equality and preventing discrimination on the grounds of nationality,” and “it was felt that by selling the Daily Express while it was running its current campaign, the Union would be indirectly violating its own policies”.

Since this decision, the Union has received further queries from the student body in regards to the sale of other news publications from its shelves. The Union has stated that they want to ensure all decisions made are representative of the student body and as such, the issue regarding the range of press on sale will be brought to the next Student Assembly, due to take place on Thursday 14th November.

The Union is encouraging students to familiarise themselves with the content presented in these papers as they would like the Assembly discussion on the matter to be as informed as possible.

They have stated that until a decision is made by the student body following the debate ‘the current newspapers proving contentious will remain on sale’.