Newton Faulkner: audience charmer


Photo – Tomos Nolan

IT HAD BEEN a long time since I’d listened to any Newton Faulkner. I was addicted to his first album and then kind of drifted away in my music tastes. But when I saw he was coming to Aber for a reasonable price I decided I couldn’t miss out.

The support act, Kizzy Crawford had a beautiful voice and  skill with a loop pedal. I definitely preferred it when she sang in Welsh as I felt it fitted better with the music. She did a great song inspired by The Colour Purple which got the crowd moving around.

As Newton came on stage the crowd packed together a bit more and his set up was amazing. With three guitars being retuned constantly by a dedicated roadie, he also had a foot pedal which attached to a double bass drum for one foot and a half pedal board (like one on an electric organ) for the other foot. At one point he was playing all of these things and singing and it was very impressive.

Newton himself called the gig an experiment, but if this was the experiment I can’t help but think the finished article will be amazing. The set list flowed together well with a few older tracks interspersed with the new album, enough to placate the old fans, but not just becoming a greatest hits gig.

A personal favourite was ‘At the Seams’, although he had to test his head voice first, after inhaling some dust from the mic.

The conversation between songs was, as always with Newton, comfortable and jovial. As he sipped his tea and refused to play ‘Spongebob Squarepants’, instead treating us to a Bane impression, the audience were charmed.

It was a lovely gig and I hope he comes back soon!