University Staff to strike for fair pay

Strike for Pay flyer Photo - Kisha MatthewON THURSDAY 31st October, a number of lecturers and support staff at Aberystwth University will go on strike over pay.

University staff are set to partake in a nationwide campaign for fair pay, organised by the joint forces of Unison, University and College Union (UCU), and Unite this Thursday.

The protest is against the current offer of a flat increase in pay, saying this does not go far enough and that the universities can afford to increase funding. The groups argue that a large number of university staff do not earn a living wage and that universities have a cash surplus with Vice Chancellors seeing their pay increase during recent years.

Michael McNeil, a UCU representative, has stated, “we urge the employers to reflect on the fact that they are about to face their first ever strike by three unions at the same time and come to the negotiating table to resolve this dispute.”

Unison has said “Universities are saying they cannot afford to pay more, however, at the same time the HE sector is seeing increased surpluses, senior management pay is going up, but pay as an overall proportion of University spending is going down. That means the money is there, but decisions are being made to build up reserves and/or increase spending in other areas.”

A number of lectures and seminars may be cancelled, but the possibility of the lecturers staging a protest or picket remains at this point unconfirmed. Students are advised to check with their lecturers concerning their timetables on Thursday.