Union investigate sports club for ‘casual rape’ tshirt

THE STUDENTS’ Union have launched an investigation and disciplinary action against the Cricket (Mens) Club (AUMCC) after receiving complaints regarding a a t-shirt emblazoned with the slogan “Casual Rape” on Wednesday evening (23rd).

All sports clubs, as part of their affiliation to Aberystwyth Students’ Union, signed a Code of Conduct including an agreement to adhere to AberSU’s regulations, Bye-Laws, Procedures and Motions passed through the Assembly and the Union.

In 2011,  the motion ‘Zero Tolerance of Sexual Harassment in OUR UNION’ was passed. This elaborates on examples of unacceptable behaviour which include: “unwelcome sexual invitations, innuendos and offensive gestures” and that “those who commit acts of sexual harassment should be stopped and disciplined for their actions”.

The regulations also state that “sexual harassment should not be tolerated by the union,” and Liv Prewett, the Union’s Activities Officer, has also added that “this is NOT to be tolerated by myself and AberSU”

A recent Ministry of Justice and Home Office report stated that 1 in 5 women have been sexually assaulted since the age of 16, just 15% of rapes are reported to the police and that less than 1 in 30 women see their rapist convicted. As a result of this, NUS Wales has recently launched a campaign against sexual assault and violence towards women on university campuses, called “Reclaim the Campus”.

The campaign, funded by the Welsh Government’s “Right To Be Safe” strategy, consists of four graphic and shocking videos which range on the topics of consent, domestic abuse, and victim blaming in cases of sexual assault. The campaign aims to build on the values of the pre-existing NUS Women’s Campaign which highlighted that the attitudes trivialising such crimes need to be tackled.

An emergency meeting with the club committee was called yesterday afternoon (24th).