Union and University respond to discrimination accusations

The flyer for the original event advertised the talk as happening at Old College

The flyer for the original event advertised the talk as happening at Old College

THE STUDENTS’ Union and University have responded to accusations of discrimination and violation of “basic rights”.

In a letter received today by the Students’ Union and the University, Kay Lancucki, on behalf of Polish Club Aberystwyth (also known as AberPol), demanded that “the University/Student Union publishes an official statement apologising for untruthful labelling of Polish Community in Aberystwyth”, saying that “there is no logical reason to believe the alleged anti-Semitism, homophobia and fascist are ideas of Robert Winnicki”.

This follows the recent announcement that President of the Młodzież Wszechpolska (All-Polish Youth) Robert Winnicki is due to speak in Aberystwyth tonight (25th).

The letter continued, saying “I believe that you have violated basic rights, values and principles of democracy. Above all, the most damaging fact to the Polish community in Aberystwyth was that you did not allow to debate and you simply relied on your intuition and questionable sources of information as an excuse to verbally and with written word stigmatize the people willing to participate in Friday’s meeting”.
Students’ Union President Ioan Rhys Evans released a statement in response, saying, “following a letter I have received from the president of AberPol, I feel that my first statement has made it clear that the Students’ Union finds Robert Winnicki a fascist far right extremist.
“The Students’ Union is completely opposed to any activity from this individual taking place in Aberystwyth, and would not welcome it in the Students’ Union building or any other premises of the University.”

“The organisation and myself personally do not in any shape or form believe that the Polish community of Aberystwyth are right wing extremists, sub-human or criminals like the letter received suggests.”

“If the organisers had been more open and public about this event and the details, this situation would not have become so severe. However, as the organsers of this talk have been very secretive about the details of this event, by placing out a false address and next to no information, this has caused much of public interest and tension to build up.”

You can read the full letter from AberPol here, and the official response from the University and Students’ Union here.

Students have organised a protest beginning at 6:30pm at Bank Square.