Aberystwyth: Fashion’s forgotten town?

Oxfam charity shop - Tomos Nolan

Oxfam charity shop – Tomos Nolan

THE UNIVERSITY prospectus has promised you that everything needed for an award-winning student experience is right here in Aberystwyth. To an extent this promise is true- the streets are filled with bars and clubs (well, more bars than clubs) and you will find more than enough decent places to eat around the town. But the prospectus didn’t tell you everything, it definitely left out the part about the lack of a shopping experience. Then again, how does the university marketing staff tell its prospective students that there are only about three decent clothes shop in the whole town?

This is an initial shock, especially for Freshers who have just arrived from big towns where the shopping centres are about the same size as our quaint little Aber. Over time you get used to it, the need to buy dies down a little bit and you begin to enjoy the idea that you are not wasting money on more clothes that you could probably do without. For others, however, this lust for clothes doesn’t disappear and you begin to search for new ways to buy that dress that is ever so perfect for tomorrow’s social.

Since the high street isn’t an option, online shopping becomes your best friend and before you know it you have become a bit too trigger happy with the purchase button. Considering that by this time you have given up on Aberystwyth’s shopping opportunities, you wouldn’t have completely neglected its vintage side. What Aber lacks in high street shops, it makes up for in charity shops. And before you disapprovingly roll your eyes and swear you would never be caught wearing something that was not exactly this season’s over-advertised trend, think twice.

Charity shops, as proven by Macklemore’s ‘Thrift Shop’, are very in, so not only are you aiding one charitable foundation or another, you are creating a wardrobe full of unique items that Alexa Chung would be proud of without denting your bank balance. Everyone who has embraced this charity shop way of life in Aber has their own favourite shop, so with a swift hand I urge you to find yours, and if anyone asks where your outfit’s from proudly point them in the right direction!