Micky’s Cocktail Cabinet: Sex on the Beach


The perfect Sex on the Beach cocktail - Micky Pixie Dale

The perfect Sex on the Beach cocktail – Micky Pixie Dale

WHEN it comes to cocktails, Sex on the Beach is a personal favourite of mine, not only because of how nice it tastes (it’s as sweet and easy as fruit juice with a little vodka kick), but because of how effortlessly it can be assembled; and after all, what could be more fitting in a seaside town?

The basic recipe calls for 45ml (about one and a half shots) of orange juice, 45ml of cranberry juice, 30ml (a shot) of peach schnapps and 60ml (two shots) of vodka. Traditionally, when you’re making a cocktail, you’re recommended to use the ‘finest’ ingredients- but I’m a realist and we’re students; this is not the kind of cocktail that calls for your uncle’s finest vodka imported from Russia. That’s not an excuse to use paint stripper, but so long as your vodka is palatable your cocktail should turn out just fine.

Tradition also suggests you use a shaker; in my opinion, if you have one, by all means use it, but in the absence of one you can get away with giving all of the ingredients a rigorous stir with a straw or spoon.  Either way, this is a drink that’s best served ice cold, so you’re going to want to pour your ingredients into a glass that has a generous helping of ice.

There’s no need to stop at the basic recipe, either. If you order a Sex on the Beach in a bar, the above recipe is probably the drink you’ll end up with, but this cocktail lends itself easily to variation. Coconut rum is a popular addition, either by adding a shot of it to the basic recipe or by replacing either the vodka or the peach schnapps. If you’re finding the cocktail a bit too strong, adding more orange or cranberry juice is an option.

Alternatively, you can add pineapple juice, which compliments all of the ingredients nicely, and an alcohol-free Sex on the Beach ‘mocktail’ can be easily made by replacing the shot of peach schnapps with a shot of peach nectar and adding a shot of grapefruit juice in place of the vodka for a sour, non-alcoholic kick.

Sex on the Beach is also a drink that lends itself nicely to pitchers. Simply multiply the ingredients, keep it ice cold and you can make a big batch all at once. It’s a versatile drink: refreshing for a casual middle of the day drink whilst lounging in the sun and sweet ‘n easy for pre-drinking before a night out.

I hope in the merry madness of Freshers’ Week you give it a shot, and come see us in the Lifestyle section of the ASM website in the coming weeks for more cocktail ideas.