Exploding Fish make it to Edinburgh Fringe

EXPLODING FISH, Aberystwyth’s own Improvisation Society, are continuing to make a name for themselves and this time on the big stage at Edinburgh Fringe. Performing as the ‘Knights of Improvalot’, in a 50 minute play called the ‘The Canned Film Festival’ which in turn is inspired by the audience suggestions.

The performers ask the audience to give them the specifics, including genre, objects, characters and the name of the film. Afterwards 6 performers act out the suggested scenes in a film festival style setting. The group are performing from the 13th-26th of August in venue known as ‘The Vault’ (sources tell us this is somewhere in the middle of Edinburgh.)

Exploding Fish is an Improvisation, Devising and Street Theatre Society at Aberystwyth University. The society has enjoyed sell out crowds at the Fringe Festival, and have also collaborated with other improvisation shows while there. Showing the calibre of performances that the ‘Knights of Improvalot’ have and the reputation they have earned.

Some of the acts which they have performed include a Disney western which had a cast completely made up of animals and a gore horror called ‘Falling Down’ about serial killer who is inspired by a gardening loving author. Another act was an end of the world type adventure where all the cars of the world are suddenly controlled by a giant, people eating, monster George W Bush tank. Varied stuff to say the least!

Some of these acts may be considered strange but they work well and are performed brilliantly. The cast have great enjoyment in what they do and are very proud of the achievements they have accomplished with the society.

To find out more about Exploding Fish, visit their website.