Steffan Storch and Guy Drury: Thank you and goodbye


As July 1 looms ever-closer, Steff and I would like to take this opportunity to finally say goodbye to Aber Student Media.

Over the last two years, we’ve had the privilege to work with a group of brilliant people. The first issue of the modern Courier was in September 2011, when Steffan Storch, Joe Landers and others restarted the paper after an interregnum of several years. In the months that followed we spent many pizza-fuelled late nights in the back of the Union fighting InDesign to bring you the best we could do.

The first editions of The Courier that we all worked on weren’t great; we had little idea of how to use InDesign and our design skills weren’t amazing. But the important thing was that we got a paper out there, and since then The Courier has rapidly become a powerful force on campus – and a force for good.

The merger of Bay Radio, Aber TV and The Courier last year was challenging, but ultimately successful. A few years ago Aberystwyth had no student journalism to speak of: now we regularly and proudly hold the University and Union to account.

The support we’ve received from the Union has been vital as well. Without the provision of office space and a computer we wouldn’t have got off the ground. Although it might at times seem to some people at the Union that they’re not helping themselves, the truth is that a strong student media organisation is something that every Students’ Union should be proud of.

A Students’ Union is not a cabal run by five sabbatical officers, nor is it a company that exists to make a profit. A Students’ Union is made up of its 12,000 members, and their interests must come first. The interests of the student body are best served by being as well informed about the goings-on at their Union as they can possibly be. Student media does this, and it does it well. Long may it continue.

There are so many people who deserve thanks along the way – far too many to name. Thank you to everyone we’ve kept in business over the last two years: Relentless, Monster, Red Bull, the Union bar and shop, Desi, Hollywood Pizza and CKs. Most importantly: to every contributor, editor, proofreader, photographer, designer and advertiser, we say thank you.

A great team has been elected to lead ASM over the next year, and we have every confidence that Mitch and the rest of the staff will continue to run the organisation to the same high standards as you’ve become accustomed. We wish them all the best.