MUSIC: Fall Out Boy returns and doesn’t fail to impress

fobMARKING Fall Out Boy’s fifth studio album to date, four years have passed since we were given Folie á Deux and Save Rock and Roll, it stands as a long anticipated return for the fans that have waited with baited breath. Having spent some time shrieking with joy at its announcement and watching ‘My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark’ race up the iTunes chart I pre-ordered the album with fingers crossed. Could it stand up to the reception of its predecessors?

First let me raise an issue I have with the album. The eleven tracked Save Rock and Roll includes four collaborative numbers, a high concentration when compared to their back catalogue. And, having waited so long for this record I personally would have preferred it to showcase their talent, not that of their friends, although saying that; ‘Rat a Tat featuring Courtney Love’ is one of the highlights album capturing the Rock and Roll of the title. ‘Save Rock and Roll ft. Elton John’, on the other hand, does not float my boat. Moments of over synthesising I may have been able to overlook but my biggest problem is Elton John, making it sound like someone attempted to fuse a F.O.B song with one from The Lion King, ignore Elton John and the song is beautiful- unfortunately with his inclusion it just loses its edge. Collaborations with Foxes and Big Sean are nice enough, I just can’t see what they added to the expected high standards of F.O.B tracks, Patrick Stump’s voice has always been more than enough to carry the songs.

Kicking off with the two pre-released singles ‘The Phoenix’ and ‘My Songs Know What You Did’, the album immediately sets the tone. That stadium anthem sound we’ve come to love and expect from the band is there from the off, choruses made for chanting and hard hitting beats – something somewhat missing from the big band sound of their last album. The album has an electro influence new to their sound but the focus remains on the quality of the band themselves closer to the sound of Infinity On High than any of their other records. For the die-hard fans out there, you can pick moments which prove that this is an album made for the band and fans rather than the music companies.

So, the overall reaction: I’m happy! When it comes to F.O.B I’m always going to have exceedingly high expectations. The first listen I was unsure but every time after it just keeps getting better and I’m sure it won’t be long until I can once again say I know all Fall Out Boy songs off by heart. So if you’re a fan of F.O.B you won’t be disappointed, and if you’re new to this amazing band you’re in for a treat discovering this and their whole back catalogue.