Student media committee announced for next academic year

logo-en-cyTHE COMMITTEE for Aber Student Media has been elected today.

The full data will be available online soon, and the winners were as follows:

Chair: Mitch Rushton
Print Editor: Harry Taylor
Radio Editor: Liam Jones
Web Editor: Laura Say
Secretary: Alex Pike

Sports: Dave Daly
Lifestyle: Poppy Tester
Arts: Andrew Simpson
Opinion: Ed Cullen

Advertising: Sam Halford
Web Admin: Theo Taylor
Graphics and Design: Laura Say
Sub Editor: Ellie Patterson
Welsh Officer: Carwyn Blayney
Music: Nick Robinson
Photography: Tomos Nolan
Social Secretary: Cameron Smyth

The election for Marketing and Events Manger was a tie between Paddy Chapman and Chris Humphreys, so neither were elected. An email will be sent out tomorrow explaining the next steps for this position and will include the full votes.

Congratulations to everyone who was elected!