Former Bronglais doctor suspended after “highly inappropriate” behaviour towards student

Photo of Dr Aamir Majeed

The Panel said there “remains a risk of recurrence of similar inappropriate behaviour” by Dr Majeed

A DOCTOR who worked at Bronglais Hospital has been suspended for six months after a panel heard he signalled to an 18-year old student to kiss him after receiving treatment at the hospital in October 2010.

Dr Aamir Majeed, who worked in the Accident and Emergency Department at Bronglais, was treating the patient for a suspected broken ankle after a night out.

After X-rays, he took her into a private room by herself and showed her how to use a pair of crutches. When they were finished, he stood by the closed door and he pointed to his cheek, signalling for her to kiss him.

He later acquired her mobile number, and texted her on several occasions.

A year later, he tried to add her as a friend on Facebook, although he claimed this was a mistake as he added everyone in his phone’s contact list.

Dr Majeed appeared before the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service this week where he admitted “inappropriate” behaviour towards the patient.

“Highly inappropriate”

The Fitness to Practise Panel said his behaviour towards the patient was “highly inappropriate”.

The panel said that Dr Majeed’s breach of patient confidentiality had been driven by a desire to pursue a personal relationship, and that his misconduct was aggravated by the age of the patient and the likelihood that she might have felt intimidated by him.

The chair of the panel, Professor Stephen Miller, said: “You used your role as a doctor to attempt to pursue a personal relationship with a patient, putting your own interests ahead of those of your patient. Whilst the Panel accepts that no relationship ensued and that Patient A did not come to harm as a result of your actions, your misconduct undermines the trust that patients and the public are entitled to place in doctors and has brought the profession into disrepute.”

Dr Majeed had claimed until the start of the hearing that the patient who had instigated the kiss, and had “repeatedly denied” that he had urged her to do it.

He had also claimed his text messages to her had been for medical reasons, and only admitted it was a cover for him to pursue a personal relationship with her when he was cross-examined during the hearing.

The panel said they were “not satisfied that you have full insight into your misconduct, nor that you have fully absorbed the ethical and professional principles that should underpin your behaviour in working with patients”, and that there “remains a risk of recurrence of similar inappropriate behaviour”.

Dr Majeed, who moved away from the area in March 2011, was suspended as a doctor for a period of six months.