Second property damaged in lorry accident


Merlin’s Heel Bar on the corner of Queen Street after the incident. Image by Joshua Tyrie.

FOR THE SECOND time in a week, a heavy goods vehicle has been involved in a collision with a property in Aberystwyth.

The latest incident occurred at around 4:30pm, and according to eyewitness reports, the vehicle failed to turn into Queen Street, and whilst trying to straighten back on to continue down Great Darkgate Street, it caught the porch of Merlin’s Heel Bar and shattered the glass.

This follows a similar incident which occurred on the 17th March at 1:30 am, in which a Morrisons delivery lorry reportedly “misjudged the corner” between Brewer Street and Cambrian Street and collided with the bay window belonging to a student house.

Aberystwyth fire crews and police worked quickly to cordon off the area and make the scene safe on the 17th, and Ceredigion County Council structural engineers were sent to make the building safe. Control officers instructed building contractors to remove the entire bay window the Cambrian Street property, and to remove danger posed by the structural elements. Police have attended the scene in Queen Street to inspect, but have moved on.

No person was injured in either accident, and no arrests have been made.

County councillor Ceredig Davies said of the first accident that it was “very lucky no-one had been hurt” and expressed his concerns at the “size of these lorries that deliver to town because they are so big that they really do struggle to get round some of the corners”.