Superteams Report: There’s no ‘I’ in Superteams

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THE ANNUAL Superteams tournament finished with a roaring finale on Sunday 17th March. 360 competitors in 20 teams took place in the three day event, which combined tough sporting challenges with six ‘unique’ events on the final day.

The two days previous to the final day saw events such as ‘beloved bleep test’, ‘feisty football’ and ‘rousing relay’ test the physical prowess of competitors.

However, the aim of the finale was better suited to those able to stomach bizarre combinations of food than those boasting physical prowess.

Competitors massed upon the Green next to the site of the former Cwrt Mawr Bar, where the first team, ‘Fully Loaded’, were greeted with sights of four different combinations of food. This included a mixture of mustard, baked beans, soy sauce, fish sauce, Tobasco sauce and a raw onion, all of which had to be eaten before they could progress to the next stage.

Before the opening event, members of ‘The Channel 4 News Team’, speaking to Aber Student Media, said thoughts of “their families at home” were hoping to help them get through the event. The first team to tackle the event was the ‘Underwater Knife Fighters’, who set about sharing the task. They made it through with speed to advance to the next stage.

The Porter’s Lodge was the site for the next event, where one member of the team had to draw a picture of a liger and the others had to do shots of jalepeno peppers, soy sauce, Tobasco sauce, lime and lemonade. One participant even remarked upon how nice it tasted.

This was followed by a run to the Astroturf, where the events took a break from eating concoctions of food in order to wheelbarrow members twice across the width of the astroturf.

Teams then filed down to Pantycelyn fields to resume the consumption of gross concoctions of food. A belly-crawl across the already muddy fields, whilst being peppered with flour and mustard, was followed with eating a raw onion and another ‘shot’ of fish sauce and a midget gem.

Then it was onto the final straight, with something that a member from the ‘Romanian Weightlifters’ described as the toughest of the events- a sprint up and down the hill next to the Sports Science building. From there it was on to the Union, where competitors were greeted by members of teams already finished cheering them on, a quick run up and down the Union steps with glasses of water to fill buckets up capping off the day.

For any misdemeanours, teams had time points added, but despite the difficulty in stomaching many of the events, those taking part carried on with striking scenes of team spirit throughout, members encouraging others who were lagging behind on the running between events a great sight to see.

Later that evening, the results were announced with the points from the previous days events being added onto the mystery event of Sunday afternoon. They were as follows:

Final Event


1st Sherry Sherry Sherry Aah 22

2nd Chicks with Sticks 22.6


1st Romanian Weightlifters 17.3

2nd If Carlsberg did Superteams 18.1



 1st Tri to Beat Us 141

2nd Love Juice 122

3rd If Carlsberg did Superteams 108



1st Unathletic Athletic 158

2nd Get Wet, Ride Hard, Finish Fast 144

3rd Chicks with Sticks 121


This was also a record 13th Superteams victory for former Students’ Union President, Sam Lumb who was competing for ‘Unathletic Athletic’.

A full photo album of the day can be found at

The Wednesday following the tournament saw some charitable giving, as representatives from the Students’ Union, Liv Prewett, Purna Venkatsen-Ogin and Ioan Rhys Evans, donated all of the unused food from the final event to the  Ceredigion Care Society.  A staff member from the charity, Aled Thomas, commented that “Donations like this are a lifeline for people in need, we rely on funding and constant funding is hard to get, so any donations are always gratefully received.”