Varsity: Women’s Tennis Aber 12 – 0 Bangor

Aberystwyth Women’s Tennis team dominated Bangor in a series of one sided matches. Emily Brown, Lottie Vaughan, Becky Antill and Captain Jade Skinner made light work of their opponents, who were a player down on the day. Building on their strong recent performances in BUCS, including a recent 10-2 victory at home against Plymouth, all four team members looked in control throughout the afternoon.

Brown was the first player to secure victory, defeating her Bangor counterpart 6-0, 6-2 in a convincing display. Vaughan had a closer game, with both sets going to 12 games. However, she ultimately came out on top each time, winning 7-5 and 7-5 respectively. Jade Skinner took a while to get going before quickly defeating her Bangor counterpart.

By the end of the matches, Bangor’s last minute player withdrawal was working to Aber’s favour. Antill, who had been told on the eve of Varsity that she would not be playing due to the player withdrawal from Bangor, was allowed to play the same Bangor player that Brown had previously beaten.

Bangor’s lack of player was showing by this point, as it was clear fatigue was setting in. The doubles partnership of Skinner and Vaughan finished the job to complete a 12-0 victory for Aber.